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Elk River - Ubidz #163 - 12-15-2019 7:00 pm

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85 mini/85.JPG2 Piece Lot of NEW FINO LTMK and FSH1 80 Inch Tilt TV Mount Bracket Kit with TV Care Kit and HDMI Cable with an included Wall Mount Component Shelf Kit! Install your TV and your Equipment all on the same wall with this CLEAN COMBO Kit from FINO! Change the way you view television. Remove the simple and outdated plastic stands that come with your display. Lift your viewing experience from the table to new heights with a LTMK Large Tilt Mount Kit. Built with quality in mind, the FSH1 is a heavy-duty glass shelf that can support all your favorite home entertainment systems up to 18lbs in weight while hiding unsightly cords. The slender design keeps close to the wall with an available shelf space of 14.8” wide and 9.8 in. deep. A high quality black finish makes for a look that matches any room in the house. Use the FSH1 to hold your favorite devices, such as your Apple TV, Roku Box, Video Game Console, or Media Player. Retail price on the pair is $124.98!

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