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****Candy Crate Candy Distribution Company - Bids Close on Thursday, August 15th Bids Start Closing at 2:00 PM

Item Description
1.wall display
2.candy on display
3.wooden bucket display wiuth candy
4.wall with assorted candy
5.lot- shopping baskets with rack
6.Candy Shoppe catdboard sign
7.wall display
8.candy on display
9.4-way merchandiser
10.contents of display
11.wooden 4-way display
12.contents of display
13.wall display
14.candy on display
15.wall display
16.candy on display
17.lot- Caramel Apple pops
18.4-way merchandiser
19.contents of display
20.wall display
21.candy on display
22.wall display
23.candy on display
24.lot- gumballs
25.lot- Unicorn Pops and watermelon Tootsie Rolls
26.lot- Rainbow Whirly Pops
27.Jellyt Belly display with contents
28.Old Fashioned Hard Candies display and contents
29.Jellyt Belly display with contents
30.wall display
31.candy on display
32.lot- Sweet Maple Candies assorted flavors
33.basket display with contents
34.rolling wire rack with 5 shelves
35.wall display
36.candy on display
37.wall display
38.candy on display
39.display crates with contents
40.contents of rolling rack
41.display crate with contents
42.display crate with contents
43.lot- 2 display racks with contents
44.display rack
45.lot- 2 display racks
46.display with contents
47.lot- 2 display racks with contents
49.lot- decorative items
50.lot- packaging materials
51.2 wall racks
52.wall rack
53.wall rack
54.organizer with contents
55.wall rack
56.step ladder organizer with contents
58.Uline wrapping machine with heat gun
59.wall organizers table
61.wall rack, organizer and contents
62.small wire shelf unit
63.small computer desk
64.Dell Core i3 computer with flat panel display
65.12 Polycom telephone handsets
66.double pedestal with red top desk
67.double pedestal with red top desk
68.double pedestal with red top desk shop cart
71.contents of display
72.4-way merchandiser
73.contents of display
74.double sided merchandiser
75.Pucker Power dispensing unit
76.lot- lollipops with display
77.U shaped counter
78.gum rack with contents
79.reel rack
80.Candy Crate sign
81.giant lollipop sign
82.Sharp XE-A507 casah register
83.Dell flat panel display
84.3 level island display
85.3 level island display
86.display with contents
87.display with contents
88.rolling wire rack with 5 shelves
89.contents of rolling rack
90.Blow Pops sign
91.Fancy Pops Gourmet Lollipops display with contents
92.wall display
93.candy on display
94.candy and displays
95.candy and displays
96.styrofoam chocalate bunny
97.display with contents
98.display with contents
99.wall display
100.candy on display
101.crate with contents
102.crate with contents
103.crate with contents
104.crate with contents
105.crate with contents
106.display with contents
107.display with contents
108.candy on display
109.wall display
110.candy on display
111.displays with contents
112.Bozo blow up bag
113.large caedboard sign
114.wall display
115.candy on display
116.basket display with contents
117.wall display
118.3 framed art
119.framed art
120.display with contents
121.Dell Core i3 computer
122.water dispenser
123.Recyle bin
124.lot- 2 chairsCandy print curtains (3)
125.Bulletin board
126.6 Wooden rolling chairs
139.Yellow childrens' chairs
140.Roper Refrigerator/freezer
141.Magic Chef microwave
143.reception counter
144.3 illuminated lollipop fixtures table
146.2 chairs with pillows
147.framed child's art
148.framed child's art
149.lot- puff trees
150.lot- trophies
151.lot- employee notices
152.Samsung M120 notebook
154.Dell Optiplex 3020 Core 13 computer with display
155.execuative chair
156.2 drawer lateral file
157.single pedestal desk
158.HP flat panel display
159.2 chairs
160.polka dot table
161.Zebra Model ZP 505 label printer
162.HP LaserJet P1505
163.2 bookcases
165.Dell Optiplex 3020 Core 13 computer with display
166.Dell Optiplex 3020 Core 13 computer with display
167.8 floor mats
168.2 chairs
169.return desk
170.HP flat panel display
171.Zebra Model ZP 505 label printer
172.Dell Optiplex 3020 Core 13 computer with display
173.HP LaserJet P2035
174.wall display
175.2 2-drawer lateral files
176.wire shelf cart
179.Dell Optiplex 3020 Core 13 computer with display
180.Canon MX 922
181.Zebra Model ZP 505 label printer
182.HP flat panel display
183.side cabinet
185.Canon LIDE220 scanner
186.brown chair
188.Lexmark X7350 printer
189.HP flat panel display
190.single pedestal desk
191.Dell monitor
192.Dell Optiplex 3020 Core 13 computer with display
193.TV with VCR and DVD player
194.adjustable table with two legs (attached to wall)
195.2 2-drawer lateral files
196.return desk
197.2 chairs
198.lot- promotional items
199.2-drawer file
200.cabinet station, wall mounted
202.Dell flat panel display
203.Dell Optiplex 3020 Core 13 computer with display
204.2 2-drawer files
205.Lexmark X5650 printer
206.Willie Wonka picture
207.corner wall display
208.Dell flat panel display, new in box
209.3 chairs station, wall mounted
211.Dell flat panel display
212.Dell Optiplex 3020 Core 13 computer with display
213.4-drawer file
214.Bazooka Joe poster
217.white counter
218.HP LaserJet 600 M601
219.unprinted shipping labels
220.Canon ImageClass MF4450
221.paper cutter
222.ASUS router
223.Dell V313 printer
224.APC back-up XS1330
225.vintage telephone
226.First Alert safe of miscellaneous
228.Canon MX492 printer
229.5 units plastic shelving units
230.Lot-Santa''s Beard Pops/contents
231.5 units plastic shelving units
232.wooden shelf with contents metal cart
234.wrapping table with wrapping accessories
235.wire shelf unit with 3 levels
236.wire shelf unit with 6 levels on wheels
237.wire shelf unit with 6 levels on wheels
238.wire shelf unit with 6 levels on wheels
239.Lot-assorted clear gift bags wire shelf unit with 3 levels
242.wire shelf unit with 3 levels
243.Acer computer monitor with Dell with Dell i3 Core processer
244.Brother QL-700 label maker
245.stainless steel work table
246.wire shelf unit with 5 levels
247.stainless steel work table on wheels with contents (clear bags)
248.Hacona C-320 sealer
249.FedEx Mettler Toledo package scale
250.stainless steel work table on wheels
251.Lot- box of assorted wrapping paper
252.wire shelf unit with 5 levels on wheels
253.stainless steel work table on wheels
254.wire shelf unit with 3 levels with wheels
255.3 level cart
256.2 level cart
257.Lot-broom closet supplies and rolling wire shelf
258.wire shelf unit with 4 levels
260.wooden shelf 3 levels
261.Whirlpool industrial microwave
263.3 units boltless shelving 48x24
264.4 wire rolling shelf units with 3 levels each
265.rolling shelf unit with 6 levels
266.rolling shelf unit with 5 levels
267.rolling wire shelf unit with 3 levels
268.2 units boltless shelving 3 levels each
269.StoroPack packaging machine heat sealer
271.5 SunnyCare paper towel dispensers
272.Rolling wire shelf unit with 3 shelves including security mirror
273.StoroPack packaging machine tall
274.Better Packages model 333 Plus packaging machine
275.Better Packages model 333 Plus packaging machine
276.Better Packages model 333 Plus packaging machine
277.Foot pedal sealer
278.heat gun
279.Uline 16" impulse heat sealer
280.large wooden work table
281.Lot- assorted Gilliam hard candy sticks in and out of boxes
282.wooden shelf with 3 levels
283.Lot- assorted size plastic bags for heat sealing in and out of boxes
284.2 folding tables
285.Yankee Doodle Dandy EZ balloon kit in box
286.boltless shelving unit with 5 levels and contents
287.Fantom Full Web large plastic wrap holder on wheels
288.Pregis AirSpeed Smart inflatable system
289.Weston stainless steel dehydrator
290.Weston stainless steel dehydrator
291.3 Weston stainless steel dehydrator
292.4 wood top tables
293.boltless shelving unit
294.Lot- assorted boxes of holiday decorations and candy
295.Lot- assorted wire displays
296.Lot- assorted candy decorations
297.Large net and frame
298.large wooden worktable
299.Sharp Carousel Microwave
300.Sears Craftsman drill press table
301.2 wood top tables
302.Steelpix stemming machine
303.Safety platform
304.wooden shelves with 3 levels with contents (toaster ovens)
305.Lot- wooden buckets
306.Lot- 2 pieces rolling conveyor parts
307.Space heater (as is)
308.wire shelving units with 4 levels
309.wire shelving units with levels
310.wire shelving units with levels
311.wire shelving units with levels
312.wire shelving units with levels
313.packing penaut hanging cloth dispenser
314.3 wire display racks
315.Rubbermaid rolling tool shelves with contents
316.Lot- pallets and assorted boxes of Palmer's chocolate
317.2 boltless shelving units
318.Contents of shelving units (assorted candy/chocolate)
319.Lot- one pallet and boxes assorted chocolate
320.Lot- one pallet and boxes assorted chocolate/candy
321.2 shelving units with 5 shelves
322.Lot- assorted boxes of chocolate on shelving
323.tri-level Rubbermaid shop cart
324.dual-level shop cart
325.tri-level cart
326.dual-level shop cart
327.platform cart
328.rolling wire shelves with 5 levels
329.rolling wire shelves with 3 levels
330.rolling wire shelves with 6 levels
331.rolling dual-level cart
332.Lot- 3 processors and flat panal display
333.Best Flex accordian-flex rolling conveyor
334.stainless steel dehydrator
335.rolling dual-level cart with back
336.Gearsmith stainless steel food dehydrator
337.Dehydrator racks
338.18 metal food insert trays with covers
339.packing penaut hanging cloth dispenser
340.large wooden work table
341.large wooden work table
342.6 wire wall displays
343.2 boltless shelving dual-shelf
344."Candy" sign letters
345."Crate"" sign letters
346.Lot- ice packs
347.11 step rolling ladder
348.Lot- wood and hardware with shelving
349.Cushion-Pack padding machine model CP316S2
350.rolling small wire shelf unit
351.strapping cart with tools shelving unit
353.lot- packaging materials shelving unit
355.pallet jack
356.Lot- chairs
357.platform cart
358.wood display postal scale
360.postage scale
361.Accuteck digital scale
362.Ultra-Ship Ultra-55 scale
363.Lot- Scales
364.WeighMax digital scale
365.WeighMax digital scale
366.Mettler Toledo postage scale
367.Mettler Toledo postage scale
368.Mettler Toledo postage scale
369.2 heaters
370.rolling packing table
371.Lot- fans and heaters
372.2 Twinstar International heaters
373.Propane heater
375.Orchard Supply Hardware stool
376.Mobile MasterCool cooling unit evaporative cooler
377.MaxAir Pro floor fan
378.TPI floor fan
379.floor fan
381.lot- packaging materials
382.2 packing table
383.packing table
384.Better Packages Tape shooter
385.packing table
386.Mettler Toledo shipping scale
387.3 trash barrels
388.FrigidAire deep freeze with ice packs
389.Lot- Box organizer with boxes
390.roller conveyor approx. 30 feet
391.bookcase with contents
392.bookcase with contents stand
394.Zebra ZP505 label printer
395.HP Core Duo computer with monitor
396.Ball transfer table
397.Lot-electronic waste
398.Pallet of shipping boxes roll of bubble wrap
400.boltless shelf frames/parts roll of bubble wrap
402.Lot- wrapping paper
403.Lot- shipping inserts
404.Lot- gel packs
405.2 sections pallet rack (3 x 12' uprights, and 8' lateral beams) shelf unit with contents shelf unit with contents shelf unit with contents shelf section no contents shelf section no contents shelf section no contents bubble wrap shipping stand
413.shipping boxes and contents of 4 shelf units
414.Shelf unit
415.Shelf unit
416.Pallet of assorted candy boxes
417.Pallet of assorted Christmas novelty candy
418.pallet of assorted Christmas candy
419.pallet of assorted Christmas candy
420.6 Rolling wire shelf unit
421.contents of shelf unit
422.Contents of shelf unit
423.Contents of shelf unit
424.Contents of shelf unit
425.Contents of shelf unit
426.Lot- assorted candy
427.Lot- assorted novelty gift boxes on pallet
428.Lot- 19 cases nested swirlces gift boxes on pallet
429.Lot- Pallet of Gingham gift boxes- not branded
430.Lot- Pallet of black Gingham gift boxes branded
431.3 rolling wire shelf units
432.Lot- assorted candy
433.plastic cabinet
434.plastic organizers
435.Rolling cart
436.Lot- Packaging items in 2 carts
437.rolling cart
438.4 red shop carts
439.4 shelf units
440.Lot- bags in boxes on 4 shelf units
441.Lot- Assorted candy boxes-folded
442.Hoover vacuum cleaner
443.rolling cart
444.Taffy Town display
445.rolling cart
446.Lot- wire grid shelves, etc.
447.steel shelf unit
448.Lot- Sevigny's famous ribbon candies
449.single pedestal desk
450.Info Sign
451.2 "OPEN" Banners
452.folding table
453.shelf unit
454.Lot- C. Howard's peppermint gum
455.Lot- Dum Dums, Nerds, and Gobstoppers
456.3 cases of Tootsie caramel apple pops
457.2 pallet rack units with wire decks (3 x 12' uprights, 8' laterals)
458.Lot- candy
459.Jelly Belly lighted sign
460.Lot- 4 cases of brown baskets/6 dozen per case
461.Case of gift boxes cart
463.2 sections of boltless shelving
464.Lot- Gift boxes and packaging items
465.Lot- Pallet of black Gingham gift boxes branded
466.3 units bulk storage racks
467.Lot- boxes and packaging accessories on 3 shelf units
468.Small shelf unit
469.Lot- packaging etc. on small shelf unit
470.9 pallet rack sections, w/ 34 (45" x 36") wire decks(3 x 12' uprights, 8' laterals)
471.Lot- assorted candy
472.Lot- assorted candy
473.step ladder
474.Lot- PEZ candy
475.Lot- Claey's hard candies
476.6 step rolling ladder
477.2 small shelf units
479.Lot- candy in shelf section
480.Lot- candy in 2 boxes
481.Lot- candy in shelf section
482.Lot- candy in 2 bays
483.12 cases World's candy cigarettes
484.Lot- World's bubble gum
485.rolling stainless steel top cart
486.Raymond 21DR30TT narrow aisle lift 3,000 lbs. 191 inches with Trojan 2 battery charger, serial 021.87.02142, reported bad battery
487.2 shelf units
488.Lot- Bee Easter lollipops
489.Lot- candy on shelf unit
490.32 cases of 2104 Wilton Gingerbread house kits
491.32 cases of 2104 Wilton Gingerbread house kits
492.11 cases of 2104 Wilton Gingerbread house kits
493.Lot- assorted Brach's candy on pallet
494.wire shelf unit
495.8 sections pallet rack with wire decks(30) (3' x 12' uprights, 8' laterals)
496.Lot- candy
497.Lot- candy
498.Lot- candy
499.Lot- candy
500.Raymond EASI narrow aisle lift 3,000 lbs. 216 inches with Pinnacle battery charger/bad battery reported, serial ET-B-95-02561
501.4 small shelf sections
502.wire shelf section
503.Lot- candy on pallet rack bay
504.Lot- candy on pallet rack bay
505.Lot- candy on pallet rack bay
506.Lot- candy on pallet rack bay
507.Lot- candy on pallet rack bay
508.Lot- Gilliam old fashioned candy sticks
509.Lot- Adams and Brooks lollipops
510.Lot- Candy on shelf (except Gilliams' old fashioned candy sticks)
511.Lot- Hot Tamales (except Gilliams old fashioned candy sticks)
512.step ladder
513.Lot- candy on pallet
514.3 bays of pallet rack with wire decks (3' x 12' uprights, 9' laterals)
515.14 cases of Taffy Town assorted salt water taffy
516.Lot- Fancy Pops II in 4 partial cases
517.wire rolling cart
519.3 sections of pallet rack with 12 wire deck plates (3' x 12' uprights, and 9' laterals)
520."Candy Crate" Trademark, Serial Number 86365479
521.domain name,
539.4 each Weston Dehydrators
540.Lot- assorted office supplies on desk
541.HP Pavilion dv7 Core 2 laptop with power supply
542.Compaq Presario PQ50 Athlon X2 laptop computer with power supply
543.lot- office supplies in cabinet
544.lot- office supplies in cabinet
545.Netgear 24 port switch in box
546.Microsoft wireless keyboard
547.Brother QL-700 label printer
548.TrendNet Ethernet switch
549.lot- three large Jelly Belly promo beans (about 12")
551.OPEN banner
552.Mini AV Digital Surround Amplifier
553.Jelly Belly clock
554.Zebra ZP 505 label printer
555.large box of assorted salt water taffy

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