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***Broadcast Audio & Video Equipment - Bids close Tuesday, January 14th Bids Start Closing at 2:00 PM

Item Description
1.2 each Tannoy Reveal speakers
2.2 each Tannoy Reveal speakers
3.Sennheiser MKH 416 P48 shotgun microphone as is
4.Sennheiser MKH 416 P48 shotgun microphone as is
5.Sennheiser MKH 416 P48 shotgun microphone as is
6.Sennheiser MKH 416 P48 shotgun microphone as is
7.Audio Technica AT815a shotgun microphone with clip
8.Sennheiser MA 66 shotgun microphone as is
9.EV RE34 cardioid line level microphone
10.lot of 16 as is speakers 6301, Sony SSX6, radio shack mp audio
11.2 each Anchor AN-1000 speakers
12.Anchor model 1000 mosfet speaker
13.Anchor AN1001X unpowered speaker
14.2 each Yamaha model NS-10M speakers working
15.2 each Yamaha model NS-10M speakers working
16.Ascot case on wheels 43" x 38" x 28"
17.2 each JBL studio monitor 4406 speakers working
18.72" x 18" x 72" shelving unit
19.15" Element FLX-1511B LCD monitor tested working
20.17" Panasonic BTLH1700WP tested working monitor
21.pair of Foxtex 6301B personal monitor speakers
22.Cartoni baby legs Mitchel base
23.Mole Richardson baby baby solarspot with C clamp tested working
24.Mole Richardson baby baby solar spot with C clamp tested working
25.quick set large Mitchel mount base
26.quick set large Mitchel mount base
27.2 Ikegami OCP-200 control panels in Pelican case
28.15 foam core sheets 8' x 4'
29.3 6' assorted folding table
30.Anvil flight case 22" x 30" x 20"
31.lot of assorted specialty cables
32.3 totes with assorted audio patch cables
33.tote with assorted patch boards
34.tote with assorted BNC cables
35.crate with assorted VGA cables and connectors
36.10 100' XLR cables
37.2 crate with Ethernet cables
38.crate with assorted 9 pin cables rack unit flight case
40.SKB case with Sony PBM 411 4 monitor
41.Calzone flight case for lens
42.flight case for Fuji lens
43.Pelican rifle case
44.lot of Ikegami CP5 control panel cables (more than 10)
45.crate of ethernet cables and phone cables
46.50' XLR cables
47.crate with assorted coax cables
48.crate with 100' coax cables
49.crate with assorted cables
50.crate with assorted cables
51.2 Arri 2K soft light in thermo case
52.Vinten vision 12 tripod 2 stage with spreader 3 plates 1 handle with porta brace case
53.Cartoni Gamma 2 stage tripod with spreader no handle with soft case 1 plate
54.lens flight case empty
55.12 compartment empty flight case for headsets
56.empty flight case
57.empty flight case for Sony monitor
58.Lectro Sonic UHF 3 Um200B transmitters block 28 Quah UHP 3 diversity receivers with UCR205D with Blue flight case
59.8 each Sennheiser MKE2 LAB microphones
60.Lectro Sonic UHF 4 Um200B transmitters block 21 Quah UHP 4 diversity receiver with UCR205D with Blue flight case
61.12 assorted Telex 4 & 5 pin 1 mouth 2 mouth headphones with case
62.Lectro UCR211 receivers X2 Lectro UHF UM200C X2 and 4X lectro sonic LAB mics
63.2 each PSC wireless antenna with cables
64.lot of assorted capacitors, transistors and IC
65.lot of assorted capacitors, transistors and IC with flight case
66.2 Coleman travel coolers with 12V lighter plug
67.5 cases with assorted cables with lighting mounts
69.Coleman cooler
70.lot of assorted bulleting boards
71.3 thermal cases
72.rack mount case with headco DA
73.tote with multi pin assorted cables
74.4 cases with assorted coax cables
75.DT-12 fan out boxes
76.lot of assorted soft XLR cables
77.2 9 pin connectors
78.lot of assorted short coax cables
79.lot of 9 pin cables
80.100' large BNC cables
81.lot of assorted cables
82.2 way intercom
83.Porta Brace camera bag empty
84.lot of power supplies
85.lot of assorted telex cards
86.lot of assorted cables
87.lot of assorted rack mount shelves
88.Ata star flight case
89.2 umbrellas with c-clamps
90.lot of new cable sleeving
91.Telecast fiber system includes two racks in fitted rolling cases viper 2-mamba transmiter and reciver unit
92.Hell isolation transformer
93.Yamaha 12 channel mixer M-512 with case
94.empty rolling flight case
95.15 Kae rack pull out shelves with case
96.Guitar Center equipment case
97.empty flight case
98.empty flight case
99.Porta Brace camera bag empty
100.2 each assorted Sachtler tripod bag Cartoni tripod bag
101.EVS XT1 4 channel video server / slo-mo with controller main frame in 2 rolling cases
102.Chyron duet keyboard as is with case
103.Motorola 15 channel walky-talky system with 10 EX500 head units in flight case
104.Sony HDVS multiscan broadcast monitor in flight case with mounting plate
105.Fujinon model A36x14.5 berb-r28 tv lens with servo focus and mounting bracket
106.Canon IF XS J11a x 4.5B4 WRSD SX12 lens
107.Canon IF XS J11a x 4.5B4 WRSD SX12 lens
108.Sony Trinitron pvm 9L2 monitor
109.Dorrough 20-A2 loudness monitors no power supplies
110.3 each Sachtler tripod handles
111.Mole baby baby solar spot type2831
112.Lowell quartz D spot light tested and working
113.Mole 407 1K hard light
114.Mole baby junior solar spot type 4131
115.3 each Evertz model 2410 MD-HSN monitoring downconverter with power supplies in a case
116.lot of Carvin wireless microphones in a case no power supplies
117.Mole barn doors new stock halogen light bulbs
118.2 each Anchor model 1000 mosfet speakers
119.Crown D-150A series II power amp
120.Genelec 1091A active subwoofer
121.5 assorted spray paint cans
122.6 assorted straps for cameras
123.Motorola Max trac 300 radio base station
124.Avastar portable hard drive case
125.2 - Mathews C-Stands w/ flags (new in flight case)
126.2 - Mathews C-stands
127.3 - Mathews C-stands
128.C-stand arm
129.Chyron keyboard in flight case
130.sound foam
131.Sony PBR-330 parabolic reflector
132.flight case
133.3 - mic stands
134.Tektronix SDA 601 serial digital analyzer
135.rolling equipment rack flight case w/ doors
136.Ikegami HDK79 viewfinder w/ 2 extra plates and a cable
137.Ikegami HDK79 viewfinder
138.RTS-Telex MCE325 user station
139.Anton Bauer quad charger w/ 7 - ProPac14 batteries in case
140.Fujinon super wide HD cine zoom lens (new)
141.Canon HDxs lens (iris & vinetting problems)
142.Canon HD lens (broken mount)
143.Fujinon-TV C-mount lens
144.2 - desk top mic stands
145.2 - desk top mic stands
146.2 - desk top mic stands
147.Atlas mic stand
148.4 - desktop mic stand bases
149.3 - mic stand arms
150.2 - Atlas 25 size bases
151.Ramsa S840 series 40 channel analog mixing board w/ lights, PSU, and cord
152.Cartoni Gamma 2 stage tripod with spreader no handle with soft case
153.3 microphone stands
154.Ikegami CCU 790 control panel OPC790 with control panel cable
155.Ikegami CCU 790 control panel OPC790 with control panel cable
156.Ikegami CCU 790 control panel OPC790 with control panel cable
157.Ikegami CCU 790 control panel OPC790 with control panel cable
158.Canon Zoom demand ZDJA01 with 19 pin cable
159.Canon Zoom demand JH with 19 pin cable
160.Fujinon zoom demand srd74b with 19 pin cable
161.zoom 19 pin cable and tripod knuckle
162.Fujinon digi power focus demand model ERD4A-D02
163.Canon shot box CR-30 clamp
164.manual focus with cable fits Canon and Fuji
165.manual focus with cable fits Canon and Fuji
166.manual focus with cable fits Canon and Fuji
167.2 each Fujinon ERD zoom demand with clamp
168.3 assorted Fujinon MCA6B clamp and 2 Canon RC30 clamps
169.zoom demand with cable and clamp
170.Vocos zoom demand with cable
171.focus demand made in Switzerland with cable and block
172.3 Canon focus cables with block FM-12 FMM-100 and other
173.3 focus transition cables
174.2 Fujinon manual focus handle clamp CFH-1
175.Sigma video DA
176.Fuji manual focus BZH-2
177.Chyron duet keyboard
178.Calrad goose neck mic 2 mic clips
179.Holset lens ring light
180.Mitchel flat base tripod adapter to ball in case
181.2 Fuji manual focus BZH-2
182.Mitchel high hat on wood board
183.Canon box lens supporter
184.2 Canon digi servo module SMJ-D01
185.2 Fujinon manual focus EMM-51
186.2 Fujinon servo ESM
187.3 tripod handles
188.2 Fujinon srd-51 with cable and clamp 1 Canon servo zoom ZSG-200M with cable and clamp
189.lot shot box and 3 clamps
190.Ikegami HK-323 head triax adaptor
191.Sony BC-1WD charger with 2 NP-1B batteries
192.Sony HD cam HW-500 tested working hours 9717 operations serial # 10320
193.Fujinon ERS-51
194.Nikon TF-D4 focus demand
195.4 zoom demand 3 lens cables
196.5 zoom demand 3 lens cables
197.4 zoom demand 3 lens cables
198.assorted demands and parts
199.lot Tiffen tiny filters and pouches with boxes
200.Marshall V-R44P quad monitor all tested working
201.vintage Cinepro custom hardwood stage box for lighting equipment
202.lot of assorted filters
203.lot of lens and camera accessories
204.lot of assorted large filters and accessories
205.2 each Canon CR-60 clamps test pattern porta pattern
208.lot of assorted goose necks and microphone parts
209.4 each Hono lux handy amp
210.vintage AKG phantom N-62E
211.11 each new Sony HD Cam digital video cassette 64 minutes
212.6 each new assorted Maxell HDCam digital video cassette 94 and 120
213.lot of assorted new video cassette
214.11 each new Sony HDCam digital HDSVS video cassette
215.5 each new Maxell HDCam digital video cassette with new Sony digital betacam video cassette with new Sony betacam SP video cassette with new Sony betacam digital video cassette
219.Marshall V-R653P-HDSDI quad monitor all tested working
220.Marshall V-R653P-HDSDI quad monitor all tested working
221.Marshall V-R53P quad monitor only 2 working and tested
222.18 each RTS telex BP325 portable headset station with some issues
223.lot of headsets and cables
224.6 assorted RTS telex intercom full backs 1 IFB-325 and 5 4030
225.5 each Ikegami camera parts with static sensitive cases
226.2 each Matrix tally
227.4 each portable mic Q boxes
228.empty Ikegami lens case damage on top
229.empty Ikegami lens case
230.5 each AJA D10AD component / composite analog to SDI converter
231.4 each AJA video D5E serial digital encoder
232.Cobalt model 4030 SDV4:2.2 to composite converter
233.empty Ikegami lens case
234.Ikegami HC240 camera Ikegami RCU-240 remote control unit and Canon PH15X7B KRS II IX11 lens
235.Panasonic digital CP610 camera with Fujinon TV zoom lens in hard case
236.Trimble acutime 2000 GPS receiver
237.DNF ST300 VTR / DDR controller
238.2 each DNF ST300 slow motion controller only 1 power supply
239.2 each DNF ST300 VTR / DDR controller with power supply
240.4 each ADC video humbucker
241.4 each ADC video humbucker
242.Evertz time code master model 5010-24
243.4 each assorted hum eliminators
244.3 each video humbucker
245.2 each Telex sports headsets
246.4 each RTS Systems TW intercom user station model BP 320
247.5 each RTS systems TW intercom system user station model BP 300
248.lot of RTS belt packs
249.Sony Trinitron model PVM-5041Q color video monitor tested working
250.lot of 15 RTS systems TW intercom system user station model BP-300
251.5 each Sony ECM-50 microphones
252.lot of 2 Sony ECM-50 microphones
253.Toshiba cam POV camera
254.lot of assorted items
255.LBO 5863A scope in portable brace case
256.2 each Telos intercom to telephone interface
257.empty Pelican 1630 case
258.empty Pelican transport 1650 case
259.2 each assorted F30 time code / reader and Until dual RTS power supply
260.Sony BETACAM PB alignment checker
261.6 each Ikegami triax to fiber adapter box sets for 790 camera (2 boxes as 1 set includes rolling cart)
262.Leader component/HD waveform monitor model 5100 tested working
263.Tektronix WFM 601A tested working
264.Tektronix 1735 HD waveform monitor tested working
265.Leader waveform monitor LBO 5864 tested working
266.Leader LV5836B surround audio monitor tested working
267.Ikegami OPC-790
268.ESE -102U GPS master clock
269.empty flight case
270.RTS telex model 2110 belt pack transceiver
271.empty flight case
272.Tally Ho system
273.6 each AJA HDTV HD10C2 dual rate HD/SD digital to analog converter
274.Yamaha output transformer model OT3000
275.Evertz 700 frame with 8 7720 ae4 cards bad frame power supply
276.Evertz 500 frame with 15 500DA cards dual power supplies
277.RTS telex series 2100 wireless intercom system model 2105 base station repeater
278.large lot of cables
279.Mitchell mount steal tripod
280.Mitchell mount steal tripod
281.rolling flight case with drawers
282.rolling flight case with drawers
283.rolling flight case with drawers as is with contents
284.53 assorted rolls of wire cables pedestal
286.R & A flight case table
287.empty lens flight case
288.4 each assorted equipment racks
289.empty flight case
290.empty flight case
291.Sony Trinitron model PVM-9L2 video monitor with flight case
292.2 each assorted shelving units with contents
293.metal shelving unit with contents
294.welt lock projector table
295.6 each part cabinets with contents
296.20 each part cabinets with contents
297.empty flight case
298.empty flight case
299.Mitchell tripod parts with shelving unit
300.lot of assorted cable
301.2 each Sony HD cam video cassette recorder HDW-F500 as is
302.3 each Sony HD cam video cassette recorder HDW-F500 as is
303.6 each Sony video cassette recorder BVM-75 as is
304.2 each Sony HD cam video cassette recorder HDW-F500 as is
305.lot of assorted Tiffen filters with case
306.8 each Ikegami 79D camera heads as is
307.4 each Ikegame camera backs as is
308.contents of 4 drawers (mounting brackets, lens caps etc.) cabinet as is with contents
310.2 Sony HDW250 untested
311.3 each metal shelving units with contents
312.4 each Sony DVW250 as is
313.empty flight case
314.2 each milk crates and 2 crates with contents
315.wooden bookcase with contents
316.bolted back to back bookcase with contents (manual and parts)
317.Sony HR Trinitron PVM -14 color monitor
318.RTS engineering bay
319.Sony DVCAM digital video cassette recorder DSR-80
320.electronic work bench
321.4 each metal shelving units with contents
322.6 each boltless shelving units with contents
323.metal shelving unit with contents
324.2 each rolling wooden tables
325.rolling case with contents
326.metal shelving unit with contents
327.2 each 6' folding tables
328.8 each silver dime camera cases
329.2 each rack mount rolling flight cases with assorted equipment
330.2 each equipment racks with assorted equipment
331.7 each assorted cases not with bandsaw
332.5 each Crown power amps working
333.rolling metro cart with contents including Yamaha digital reversator REV7
334.Mole Richardson baby baby solar spot
335.6 each assorted cases
336.3 each assorted speakers
337.2 each assorted TV'S
338.2 each equipment racks with assorted equipment
339.2 each partial boxes with acoustic material
340.lot of 3 apple crates and sand bag
341.floor fan
342.2 each assorted tripods
343.3 ESE 4x4 audio level interface
344.2 each Lance HSE-100 VTR control
345.lot of assorted rack mount equipment
346.Telos one + one
347.Tel-14 telephone i/f
348.empty flight case
349.empty flight case
350.lot of assorted remote boxes in case
351.Sony multiformat BVM-D14H1U Trinitron color video monitor
352.2 each Sony monitors
353.RTSTW intercom system with power supply
354.dual Tektronic waveform monitor
355.RTS telex series 2100 wireless intercom system model 2105 base station repeater
356.RTS telex series 2100 wireless intercom system model 2105 base station repeater
357.empty flight case
358.3 each assorted Evertz cards 7765AVM-4-SD, 7721AE4-HD, 7720AE4
359.Avastor HDX portable digital storage
360.Leader surround audio monitor LV 5836B
361.2 each Tektronix 1735 HD waveform monitor and WFM 6011 waveform monitor
362.2 each Tektronix 1735 HD waveform monitor and WFM 6011 waveform monitor
363.lot of assorted parts
364.Sachtler heavy duty 25 fluid tripod with spreader two handles and fiber case (no plate)
365.Cartoni delta tripod 2 stage with internal spreader no handle no plate
366.2 each Samsung plasma displays model PN51D450A2D with rolling flight case and 3 stands only 2 with brackets
367.Mitchell mount baby sticks tripod
368.2 each Sachtler dolly wheels 1 missing 1 wheel
369.2 each Sachtler dolly wheels
370.Cartoni dolly wheels
371.Vintin dolly wheels
372.6 each quick set dolly wheels 5 Hercules and 1 Samsung
373.5 each assorted microphone stands
374.2 each assorted microphone fish poles

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