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Professional Audio/Video Equipment - Wednesday, July 15th, 2020, starting at 2:00 pm

Item Description
1.Yamaha REV100 digital reverb
2.Behringer powerplay pro-XL 4-channel headphones distribution HA4700
3.Drawmer dual expander compressor LX20
4.Crate TDP
5.Motu 828 MkII fire wire
6.lexicon vortex audio morphing processor
7.Alesis micro enhancer (no PSU 9v AC) with microphone
8.Stanton 2-channel DJ mixer
9.Stanton turn table
10.Sony PCM-R300
11.Glyph storage frame
12.CM UFS keyboard
13.CM VX80 keyboard controller
14.Crate CMX42P 8 channel mixer with soft case
15.lot - Danelectro pastrami overdrive and Lexicon and Behringer foot switches
16.Johnson J-Station (no PSU)
17.9 - 7x Ampex 456 & 2x 3M 996 2" tapes (baked)
18.2 - NOS Sony VTC-300 & BKM-2056 auto setup adapter
19.3 - Sony as is microphones
20.lot - 5 camera quick release plates
21.Star Wars soundtrack 4-track tape
22.Roy Smeck uke (as is broken with parts)
23.Berlant series 30 recorder tube mic pre with tubes, with power amp for guitar 15watt 2x EL84s mounts in back (DIY project)
24.rack mount for Panasonic 37/3800 DAT machine
25.vintage RCA engraved mixer panel
27.MMR-B15HD Millspec field monitor with tuner and hood man cover and hard case
28.MMR-B15HD Millspec field monitor with tuner and hood man cover and hard case
29.Acoustic Solutions 456HD shotgun mic with canvas case, shock mount and wind screen (NOS)
30.DBX 119
31.Sony CDR-W33 compact disk recorder
32.2 - Miranda ASD-100 4:2:2 ADC
33.Panasonic SV-3700 professional digital audio tape deck
34.Panasonic SV-3700 professional digital audio tape deck
35.Grass valley group SMS 8000
36.Leitch automatic changeover ACO-131
37.lot - Sony PSU and GVG SMS 8000
38.Leitch FR-1602
39.RTS central electronics model:4010
40.RTS model RMS 300 user station & 862 system interconnect
41.6 - assorted Maxell and Sony HDcam tapes
42.6 - Sony 3/4" tapes
43.2 - Sony rack mount fan units
44.2 - NOS Ampex 456 tapes
45.2 - ESE timecode displays
46.2 - NOS Sony DVW-A500 gear box assy.
47.Leitch SCH-730N sync subcarrier phase monitor
48.rolling double sided flight case rack mount
49.rolling double sided flight case rack mount
50.Fostex time code generator/reader 4010 (marked "dead-no power")
51.Halliburton zero Stanton 4' rack on wheels
52.Halliburton zero Stanton 4' rack on wheels
53.5' rack on wheels
54.Princeton 17" LCD monitor
55.24 - ADC & trompter type 75ohm video patch cables (16 & 24")
56.13 - 75ohm video patch cables (36")
57.50 - assorted short and long 75ohm video patch cables
58.XLR rack mount bay
59.truck mirror
60.Lectrosonics dual-band compounding DR 195 (marked NG no squelch)
61.TL Audio dual valve mic pre-amp/ DI (tested working)
62.custom camera sledge bracket
63.4 - tripod mounting plates (2x O'Conner, and 2x ?Vinton, Sachtler?)
64.Black Magic design multibridge
65.Hotronic Inc. AP41
66.Wohler AMP1-VS
67.Sony HR Trinitron multiformat BVM-A14F5U (HD-SDI card) (tested working)
68.Tektronix WFM 7120 (tested working, low hours)
69.5 - waveform/scope housings
70.2 - RTS MCE325 user station & RTS SSA-424 2 wire/4 wire 2 - channel device
71.lot - assorted HDDs
72.Sennheiser audio link infrared system w/ 3 infrared projectors
73.4 - Swivel ball mounts
74.lot - 2 Sony AC adapters, as is, untested
75.lot - 2 RTS Telex main station 2100 and BTS 200 with 8 as is belt packs model 2110
76.Electravoice vintage shotgun microphone original case
77.2 - Sony AC adapters with 4 pin power cables
78.lot - 4 assorted pieces
79.lot - 5 assorted DBX cards
80.Flytech NC-3A68 CPU
81.Vega 2 wireless belt packs
82.lot - splitter boxes
83.lot - PSUs
84.2 - assorted LCD monitors
85.Acer LED S242ML monitor
86.lot - transformers, converter boxes, XLR connectors, little light,
87.Sony BKM-10R monitor control
88.lot - Getner DH30 telephone interface, & 2 JK audio caller interface with phones and power supplies
89.10 - Burst Electronics LG-1 logo inserters
90.Sony Trinitron BVM-D14H1U (powers on, no cards)
91.lot - Ocean VDA, Leitch control panel, caption video reader, and monitor device
92.4 - Horita serial control tilter SCT-50
93.Soundfield mkV microphone system with C330 processor (in SBK road case), cable, shock mount, and aftermarket super long (100meters) custom cable on reel + 20 meter special custom snake
94.JVC multiformat LCD monitor DT-V24G1Z
96.rack mount UPS (unknown batt. condition)
97.3 - Sennheiser selective antenna distribution systems
98.Sony Trinitron PVM-8041Q
99.JVC tube monitor TM-910SU
100.Sony HR Trinitron PVM-9L3
106.Sony HR Trinitron PVM-8044Q
107.Harris commercial CD player CD 2001 ties box
109.4 - Bittree 75ohm video patch bays
110.Editware DPE-500 series digital production editor
111.2 - Bittree 75ohm video patch bays
112.Editware case with power supply
113.Dell OptiPlex GX620 CPU
114.FORA FA-300 digital time base corrector
115.Leitch DPS 575 digital process synchronizer
116.Sony Trinitron PVM-1351Q
117.server model RS-1220 with 12x 300GB cheetah 15.5k HDDs
118.Sony DVW-A500 deck (Op. 38307, Drum 31608, Tape 26120, thread 53875)
119.Sony DVW-A500 deck (Op. 50549, Drum 7358, Tape 4744, thread 11343)
120.Sony DVW-A500 deck (bad display panel)
121.Sony DVW-A500 deck (Op. 71488, drum 8674, tape 6122, thread 20254)
122.Sony DVW-A500 deck (error-96)
123.Sony DVW-A500 deck (error-14 fan motor trouble)
124.Sony DVW-A500P deck (Op. 36274, drum 29755, tape 27279, thread 63996)
125.Sony DVW-A500 deck (Op. 92547, drum 10560, tape 7184, thread 23078)
126.vintage Calred Veriac
127.Vu-data portable oscilloscope PS-900
128.Dorrough loudness monitor, rack mount
129.2 - assorted patch bays and rack blank
130.Fujinon AT A20x8BEVM-28
131.Fujinon AT A8.5x5.5BEVM-28B
132.Bell & Howell 1" f1.9 C-mount lens
133.lot - 2 Fujinon 17x9 Phoenix & 5.5x5.5 Argus as is lenses
134.2 - O'Conner balance plates
135.lot - vintage Motorola walkie talkies
136.lot - cables and adapters
137.Tascam CD-RW2000 CD recorder with remote
138.Tascam CD-RW2000 CD recorder with remote
139.Lexicon 20/20 AD 20 bit converter
140.5 - Horita SCT-50 serial control titlers
141.7 - sets Beyerdynamic EDT100s intercom headsets replacement muffs
142.vintage Stanton model 310 turntable pre
143.2 - empty boxes for ME81 microphones
144.2 - Renkus-Heinz model SG-2 two channel sense gates
145.remote cable for TC Electronics M6000
146.JoeCo BBR1B-KB4-003X0036 multichannel digital recording system in road case with HDDs and cables (ready to go)
147.4 - vintage camera P/U tubes RCA Aperex, plubicon (NOS)
148.telescoping teleprompter shade attachment for Vinton 7B fluid head w/ extension arms
149.Tektronix WFM7100, as is "will not boot correctly (from utility)"
150.2 - empty cases
151.Sony MCI JH26 recording console 36 input by 24 bus, with PSUs and meter bridge, wired Tuchel In and out cables
152.Sony MCI JH24 24 track 2" tape machine with auto locator III, with Tuchel to XLR in/out pig tails
153.Mesa Boogie TriAxis all tube preamp (five preamp tubes)(tested working) [Ser:T0400]
154.Rokk cold weather sleeping bag
155.small flight case
156.regulated power supply
157.N-66A isolation transformer
158.Carter Electronics dual rackmount LCD monitors w/ 12v power supplies
159.Apple A1186 3.0 quad core w/ 8GB RAM no HDD
160.On-Stage keyboard stand
161.On-Stage keyboard stand
162.Apple A1186 3.0 quad core w/ 4GB RAM no HDD
163.Apple A1186 3.0 quad core w/ 4GB RAM no HDD
165.2 - wall plate breakout boxes
166.Protools farm card with cable
167.Amphenol Tuchel blank connectors and tool
168.Samsonite luggage
169.4 - mic stands
170.3 - boom mic stands and music stand
171.3 - boom mic stands
172.2 - On-stage monitor speaker stands
173.Behringer MS20 digital monitor speakers
174.Mackie 1604-VLZpro 16channel mixer
175.Mackie 1604-VLZpro 16channel mixer
176.Mackie 1604-VLZpro 16channel mixer
177.Mackie 1604-VLZpro 16channel mixer
178.Sony type 1 control panel for Sony BVH-2000 (NOS) with manual
179.Sony type 1 control panel for Sony BVH-2000 (NOS)
180.Sony BKH-2803 mount adapter
181.JVS HM-DH5U D-VHS digital VHS tape recorder
182.Sony - Lyon Lamb VAS Delta Controller
183.Sony SUA-L202 console attachment/side panel
184.Sony DVS9000 spare board kit & PCM C/A for DVS9000
185.Sony CCU-300L (in box)
186.lot - Kings video connectors (NIB)
187.AVT time base corrector/ frame synchronizer
188.Hetradyne board for BVH-2000 1" machine in original packing
189.Sony BVH-2000 time base corrector cards for PAL version
190.GVG 9560 reference sync generator PAL
191.lot - 5 video media serial boxes w/ PSUs
192.lot - 9 pin cables and I/O cables
194.Winstead 85047 vented top panel
195.Sony VCT-300
196.10 - Sony BKM-2050 auto set-up adapters
197.13 - Hoodman MMR-B15 with rain cape
198.10 - Hoodman MMR-B15 with rain cape
199.8 - Hoodman MMR-B15 with rain cape
200.lot - 3 Sony BVV-1A book carrying strap, and cable
201.Yamaha PW800W power supply with cable and PM5D manual (tested working, works with models: 1, 3 ,5 , 7, 9)
202.14 - Hitachi DeskStar 500GB HDDs
203.Sony PCM-F1 digital audio processor
204.Sony SL-2000 portable video cassette recorder Betamax
205.Network Flashlink fiber optic system (includes: 32 pro x-y, 8x - 8xpro, 2x - 6pro, 2x - 16pro, 1x DV25 fiber, 2X SDI-EO, 1x 16x16, with manual and price list)
206.Marshall LCD monitor
207.23 - Hitachi DeskStar 500GB HDDs
208.4 - molded wood chairs
209.lot - 9 pin cables, rack mount ears, software, assorted items
210.4 - 1" reels & tape
211.4 - Sony BKM-2050 auto set-up adapters
212.2 - Avid Unity MediArray LP servers with 500GB HDDs
213.2 - speaker cabinets
214.flight case trunk on wheels
215.Just in Case flight case with rack mounts
216.small flight case for rack mount equip.
217.large rolling flight case with drawer
218.Spirit Live 4^2 mixing console with acessories, PSU and rolling flight case
219.3 - shelves 2 pull outs and
220.6 - rack mount pull up shelves
221.teleprompter system
222.17 - new General electric photo lights
223.7 - little lights
224.lot of assorted camera lens parts speakers and parts
225.lot of I-omega drives
226.Advantage one microphone mixer biamp
227.Hush IIB noise reduction system
228.PS IV stereo preamplifier
229.SKB model PS-45 stereo pedal board power with SKB case
230.Gigrac soundcraft built in amplifier +
231.Philips DC servo blet drive electronic 312 turn table
232.Sony reel to reel solid state stereo center 230
233.Gibson Sbre reverb 1 guitar amp with original cover
234.Randall Jaguar model R212HB 212 speaker cabinet
235.vintage RCA victor tube am / fm entertaiment center with turn table and cartridge tube power amp tube tunner complete in wood cabinet
237.lot of assorted drum hardware
238.2 - 10" guitar speakers no rips
239.Hammond organ with Leslie x77 base keys bench and Leslie cables complete tested working
240.4 - assorted Black drums
241.3 - Sun burst Tama drums
242.3 - assorted drums 2 Black ones 1 red and 2 wood rims
243.2 - assorted boom boxes
244.Micro EQ 152 bioamp
245.lot of 4 pcs drum tom tom rack
246.Sanyo stereo component system GTX100 turntable
247.Electro Brand repro turn table and cd player
248.JVC L-FX22 fully automatic direct drive turntable
249.Panasonic D.C servo automatic turntable system SL-H305
250.Magnavox turner
251.vintage Major electric chord organ
252.vintage Vanity fair turntable
253.Randall RG-15 guitar amplifier
254.2 - Yamaha speakers model NX-S70
255.Yamaha natural sound AV receiver RX-V1500
256.26 - box sets of 78rpm records
257.3 - boxes with assorted cds with assorted records with assorted records with assorted records with assorted records with assorted records with assorted records with assorted records with assorted records with assorted records
267.3 - assorted gig bags
268.wall sconse light fixture
269.hanging light fixture
270.laundry cart
271.wooden flight case with wheels with 3 rack shelves inside
272.flight case rack mount with leeds
273.flight case on wheels
274.portable air conditioning
276.Sound craft mixer no power supply model K2 36 imput X8 X2
277.L-Tec MIGmaster 250 50amp welder

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