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Item Description
1.NEW IN BOX HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one computer*
2.NEW IN BOX HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one computer*
3.double pedestal wood desk
3A.2012 Ford E-350 passenger van cal Lic 6UAZ058 vin 1FBNE3BL8CDA30199, 161910 miles reported transmission problem , van runs but can't exceed 25 mph
5.wood 4-drawer lateral file cabinet
7.traditional hutch
8.file with hutchtop
9.artificial plant in basket
15.baker's rack with plants
16.wall clock
17.wood carved wardrobe cabinet
18.wall mounted cup shelf
19.pine cabinet
21.2-drawer lateral file credenza
26.Samsung wide display
27.Dynex flat panel
30.framed art
31.upholstered set- love seat and chair topped coffee table
33.area rug
34.wood and glass corner table
37.lot- audio equipment
39.Brother printer system hardware with extensions
41.upholstered arm chair
42.tall wood display cabinet lacquer side table
46.oval conference table
47.framed art
48.corner lamp
50.4 guest chairs
51.2 guest chairs
52.2 guest chairs
54.5 wood bookcases
55.lot- plants in planters
56.wall clock
57.2 2-drawer file cabinets
60.2 stylistic chairs
61.framed mirror?
62.framed art
63.exec chair with wear
64.double pedestal black desk
65.double pedestal black desk
66.HP printer modern sofa
68.framed art
70.single pedestal desk
71.exec chair with wear
73.4-drawer file cabinet
74.double pedestal black desk credenza
78.2 guest chairs parrots
80.planter with artificial plant
81.1st Aid kit
82.2-drawer file
83.single pedestal desk
84.double pedestal black desk
85.swivel arm chair
86.swivel arm chair watermelon flowers
89.18 file cabinets- 9 4-drawer & 9 2-drawer
90.6 file cabinets- 3 4-drawer & 3 2-drawer
92.rolling ladder
93.folding table
94.folding table
95.paper shredder
96.2-drawer file
97.folding table
98.2 chairs
100.lot- Disney art
101.paper shredder
102.lot- graduation wear
103.2-drawer file
104.2 bookcases
106.artificial plant in basket
108.wall art
109.arm chair
110.double pedestal desk
111.Brother printer
112.shelving unit
113.hand truck
114.miniature carousel
115.bookcase urn
117.3 4-drawer file cabinets
119.Los Angeles wall map
120.2-drawer file
121.San Fernando Valley wall map
122.2 2-drawer file cabinets table
124.exec chair with wear
126.single pedestal desk
127.single pedestal desk
128.2 4-drawer file cabinets
129.Motorola Astron mobile radio base unit mosaic round conference table
132.wall clock
133.2-drawer file
134.HP printer
135.credenza table
137.NEW IN BOX HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one computer*
139.3 flower art
141.file organizers
142.artificial plant in basket
143.trash recptacle
147.2 2-drawer lateral files
148.2 arm chairs
149.2-drawer file
150.Brother printer
157.Xerox scanner
163.wood framed arm chair
165.Cisco SG500X-24 switch*
166.Epson Mini LED projector*
167.lot- trophies in case
169.4-drawer file cabinet
171.wall clock
172.student desks
173.NEW IN BOX HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one computer*
174.6 bulletin boards
175.4 bulletin boards
176.vintage 2-drawer lateral file
177.HP printer
178.4-drawer file cabinet
180.task chair
181.double pedestal desk
182.framed art
183.2 2-drawer lateral files
184.HP printer
185.NEW IN BOX HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one computer*
186.2 2-drawer file cabinets
187.guest chair
188.double pedestal black desk
189.5 2-drawer file cabinets
191.HP printer parrots lillies chair
196.6 framed art
197.double pedestal desk
198.Brother printer
199.swivel arm chair
200.corner desk unit
201.wall clock
204.2-drawer lateral file
205.HP printer
206.2-drawer lateral file
207.3 4-drawer file cabinets shelf unit
209.2-drawer file
210.single pedestal desk
211.exec chair
212.2-drawer file
215.organizer table
217.lot- plants on cabinet
218.white board
219.4-drawer file cabinet
220.2-drawer file
221.single pedestal desk
222.4-drawer file cabinet
223.swivel arm chair
224.stack chair
225.student chair
226.single pedestal desk
227.fabric organizer
228.lot- shelves with contents
229.single pedestal desk
230.2-drawer file
234.guest chair
235.student desks
236.NEW IN BOX HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one computer*
237.student desk
238.single pedestal desk
239.4-drawer file cabinet
240.white board
241.stack chairs
242.NEW IN BOX HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one computer*
244.4-drawer file cabinet cabinet cabinet
248.wall clock
250.3 4-drawer file cabinets
252.floor fan
253.8 student desks
254.NEW IN BOX HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one computer*
255.3 student desks
256.guest chair
257.double pedestal black desk
262.wall clock refrigerator
266.folding table
267.HP OfficeJet 4620
268.single pedestal desk
269.HP all-in-one computer, NIB
270.HP all-in-one computer, NIB
271.HP all-in-one computer, NIB
272.NEW IN BOX HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one computer*
276.floor fan
277.swivel arm chair
278.2 guest chairs cabinet refrigerator
281.medicine cabinet
282.scale measure
284.1st Aid kit
285.microwave oven
286.microwave oven
288.lunch table
289.lunch table
290.lunch table
291.refrigerator freezer with water dispenser
292.snack vendi ng machine
293.ceramic dog globe
295.trash receptacle
296.artificial plant in basket
297.vintage coffee brewer
298.trash receptacle
299.hanging decorative parrot
300.decorative parrot
301.artistic clock
302.folding table
306.stack chair
307.early large screen TV with connected components
308.22 student chairs
309.NEW IN BOX HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one computer*
310.single pedestal desk
311.6 library tables table table table
315.folding table
316.HP all-in-one computer
317.HP all-in-one computer
318.HP all-in-one computer
319.HP all-in-one computer
320.HP all-in-one computer
321.modern ceiling light fixture
322.7 HP all-in-one computers
323.trash recptacle
324.outdoor lunch table
325.outdoor lunch table
326.outdoor lunch table
327.outdoor lunch table
328.trash barrel
329.outdoor lunch table
330.outdoor lunch table
331.trash barrel
332.outdoor lunch table
333.outdoor lunch table
334.10' mobile storage container
335.10' mobile storage container
336.flammable materials cabinet
337.10' mobile storage container
339.20' mobile storage container
340.reach-in freezer
341.3-door stainless steel refrigerator
342.Ice-O-Matic ice maker
343.Ridgid shop vac
344.Winco food warmer
345.Wyatt food warmer warmer
347.onions & relish dispensers
348.Wyatt food warmer
349.rolling 5-shelf wire cart
350.rolling 5-shelf wire cart
351.rolling 5-shelf wire cart
352.reach-in freezer
354.rolling 5-shelf wire cart
355.rolling 5-shelf wire cart
356.rolling 5-shelf wire cart
358.rolling 5-shelf wire cart
359.rolling 5-shelf wire cart
360.rolling 5-shelf wire cart
361.rolling 5-shelf wire cart
362.4 student chairs cream freezer
365.scaffold parts, unknown cream freezer
367.Wyatt food warmer
368.4 student chairs
370.stainless steel table with condiment containers
371.4 stainless steel food prep tables
372.100 student chairs
373.chair dolly
374.bag of baseball bats
375.bench press bench
376.lot=-computer components
377.projector screen
378.7 HP all-in-one computers cabinet cabinet cabinet cabinet cabinet cabinet
388.4-drawer file cabinet
389.4-drawer file cabinet
390.4-drawer file cabinet
391.4-drawer file cabinet
392.4-drawer file cabinet
393.4-drawer file cabinet
394.4-drawer file cabinet
395.4-drawer file cabinet
396.4-drawer file cabinet
397.4-drawer file cabinet
398.2-drawer file cabinet
401.large furniture cart
402.lot- art
403.rolling 5-shelf wire cart
404.utility cabinet
405.wire shelf unit
406.wire shelf unit
407.lot- janitorial supplies on shelf unit
408.wire shelf unit
410.wire shelf cart
411.pressurized gas tank with tank dolly
413.Senco portable compressor cabinet (no contents)
415.lot- contents of tools and hardware on room pictures shows drills but they are missing
422.3 folding tables
423.Ridgid miter saw with stand cabinet cabinet
426.U.S. flag
430.double pedestal grinder
431.hose reel
432.Irwin bench vise
433.Ryobi drill press
434.2 Stanley saw horses
435.Grizzly dust collector
436.3 plastic saw horses
439.Ridgid air mover
444.Ridgid air mover vac vac
447.floor scrubber
448.floor scrubber
449.power broom
450.Ridgid shop vac
451.Excell power washer
452.keyboard in case
453.NEW IN BOX HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one computer*
454.9 student desks
455.NEW IN BOX HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one computer*
456.5 student desks
457.NEW IN BOX HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one computer*
459.U.S. flag
460.2 4-drawer files
461.swivel arm chair
462.single pedestal desk
463.guest chair
465.bookcase cabinet
467.flat panel display
468.Haier office refrigerator
469.Sharp microwave oven
471.4-drawer file cabinet
472.utility table
473.5 student desks
475.7 student desks
476.HP 15t ac100 notebook computer NIB
477.single pedestal desk
478.wall clock
479.projector screen, new in box
480.table with 3 chairs
481.folding table
482.student dsek
483.chair with one arm
486.guest chair
488.small table
489.2-drawer file
490.single pedestal desk
491.swivel arm chair
493.handicapped lift
494.HP Notebook 15t-ac 100 notebook NEW IN BOX*
495.Lenovo Think Pad Edge E431 NEW IN BOX*
496.HP Notebook 15t-ac 100 notebook NEW IN BOX*
497.16 student desks
498.HP Notebook 15t-ac 100 notebook NEW IN BOX*
499.flat panel display with storage cabinet
500.folding table
501.HP all-in-one computer
503.12 student chairs
504.single pedestal desk
505.folding table
506.folding table
509.wall clock
511.4 student desks
512.HP Notebook 15t-ac 100 notebook NEW IN BOX*
513.3 student desks
514.CD duplicator
515.5 student desks
517.4-drawer file cabinet
518.wall clock
519.2 bookcases
521.microwave oven
522.8 student desks
524.2 student desks
526.Sony flat panel display
527.folding table
528.5 student chairs
529.NEW IN BOX HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one computer* with display
531.2 4-drawer files cabinet
533.folding table
535.13 student desks
536.7 HP all-in-one computers
537.2 student desks
538.HP 15t ac100 notebook computer NIB*
539.wall clock
540.4-drawer file cabinet
541.14 student desks
542.NEW IN BOX HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one computer*
543.Dell computer with display
544.8 student chairs
545.Lenovo Think Pad Edge E431 NEW IN BOX*
546.display with attached game platform
548.2 4-drawer files
549.wall clock
550.jukebox as-is
551.Mortal Kombat arcade game, condition unknown
552.NBA Jam arcade game, condition unknown
553.2 4-drawer files
555.single pedestal desk
556.8 student desks
557.7 HP all-in-one computers
558.2 student desks
559.NEW IN BOX HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one computer*
564.double pedestal black desk
566.3 lunch tables
567.3 lunch tables
568.3 lunch tables
569.folding table
570.trash barrel
571.2 student chairs
575.locking cabinets
577.10 student desks
579.Dell computer with display
580.Dell computer with display
581.2 bookcases
582.2 4-drawer files
583.guest chair
584.wall clock with display
587.single pedestal desk
588.wall clock
589.swivel arm chair
590.single pedestal desk
591.Drive wheelchair cabinet
593.2 4-drawer files
595.2-drawer lateral file
598.Insignia display and keyboard
599.Dell computer with display
600.12 student desks
602.2 bookcses
604.4-drawer file cabinet
605.wall clock
606.HP all-in-one computer
607.HP all-in-one computer
608.HP all-in-one computer
609.HP all-in-one computer
610.HP all-in-one computer
611.HP all-in-one computer
612.HP all-in-one computer
613.HP all-in-one computer
614.14 student chairs refrigerator
617.utility cart
618.14 student chairs
619.NEW IN BOX HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one computer*
620.flat panel display
621.HP all-in-one computer
622.flat panel display
623.HP all-in-one computer
624.HP all-in-one computer
625.HP all-in-one computer
627.rolling utility cart cabinet
629.wall clock
631.hP all-in-one computer
632.hP all-in-one computer
633.hP all-in-one computer
634.hP all-in-one computer
635.flat panel display
636.hP all-in-one computer
637.flat panel display
638.flat panel display
639.hP all-in-one computer
640.hP all-in-one computer
641.Sanyo office refrigerator
642.14 student chairs
644.BlendTec blender
645.Sharp microwave oven crfeam scooping station
647.Hot Fudge warmer
648.31 flavore neon sign
649.double basin stainless steel sink with double drainboards and faucet
650.Sharp cash register cream freezer case
652.artificial ficus in container
653.wall clock
654.6 hanging light fixtures
656.set- cast iron table with two chairs
657.set- cast iron table with two chairs
658.artificial plant in basket
659.5 cast iron chairs
661.2 menu signs
663.cherrywood desk with matching credenza
665.overstuffed easy chair
666.folding table
669.framed art
670.juke box
671.arcade game
672.gumball vender
673.large stuffed bear
674.Captain Claw arcade game
675.Police Force pinball machine
676.Williams pinball machine
677.Hook pinball machine
678.Gilligan's Island pinball machine
679.Foosball table
680.Foosball table
681.Basketball Shoot game
682.Donkey Kong arcade game
683.Captain Claw arcade game
684.wall mounted display
685.Panasonic wall mounted display
686.period street light
687.cast iron bench
688.cast iron bench
689.decorative tree
690.period street light
691.cast iron bench
692.wall clock
693.cast iron bench
694.cast iron bench merry-go-round
696.mirror ball
697.large format TV
698.Sno-Kone machine on cabinet
699.Churro warmer
700.Hot Dog warming cabinet
701.Cotton Candy cart
702.Nachos warming cabinet and sauce warmer
703.set of stanchions
704.Popcorn cart
705.Air Hockey table
706.refrigerator freezer with water dispenser
707.LP commercial microwave oven
708.Hot Dog cooker cabinet cabinet cabinet
712.refrigerator freezer
715.trash receptacle
716.light strings
717.4 halogen light fixtures
718.6 Warner Bros. shadow boxes of animation
720.Baskin Robbins storefront sign
721.lot- 11 student chairs with chair dolly
722.Baby Grand piano
723.2 Chauvet 4-bar lights
724.Yamaha EMX 312sc powered mixer
725.pool table
726.speakers lecturn
727.2 Yamaha speakers
728.projector screen
729.stage approximately 24' x 8' curtain surround on stage
731.NEW IN BOX HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one computer*
732.flat panel display
733.flat panel display
734.75 student chairs
736.wall clock
737.Epson ceiling mounted projector
738.ballroom chandelier
739.11 folding tables
740.Lot- IT hardware on two shelves, basement
741.seperation fencing with gate
742.2 bookcases display case
744.Sharp cash register
745.display rack topped acrylic table topped acrylic table
748.mirror faced table, chest and dresser
749.floor merchandiser display cabinet
752.bulldog art art
754.abstract art
755.butterfly art
756.HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one computer*
757.metal stand
758.white artificial ficus
759.3 black display cases
760.lot- necklace forms
761.mannequin only
762.mannequin only
763.garment rack only
765.guest chair bench
767.mosaic art
800.carpet, 240x310cm office desk
802.20 - school desks
803.4 - 6' folding tables
804.Black office desk
805.10 - school desks
806.10 - school chairs
807.10 - school chairs
808.10 - school chairs
809.9 - school chairs (one as is, broken seat)
810.5 - task tables 6'
811.5 - task tables 6'
812.3 - 5' school tables
813.4 - 5' school tables
815.fabric bulletin board
816.Leather sofa (as is)
817.metal cabinet
818.metal cabinet
820.White board and bulletin board
821.Marque board
822.Utility cart
823.Modern coffee table
824.8 - guest chairs
825.2 - entertainment units (as is)
826.Cherry office desk and credenza set
827.Silver ceramic decor piece
828.Metal vase
829.Metal side table
830.metal side tables office credenza
832.Black office cradenza
833.Great northern popcorn 8oz popcorn machine (red)
834.Great northern popcorn 8oz popcorn machine (red)
835.Casio CTK-2000 electronic keyboard needs 9v PSU
836.Black office desk
837.3 - metal book cases
838.Grey wood book case
839.3 - black wood book cases
840.3 - grey wood book cases
841.3 - grey wood book cases
842.3 - grey wood book cases
843.Black office cradenza
844.Lot - assorted toys
845.Hon 4-drawer vertical file cabinet
846.5 - virco graphite nebula table tops 6' one with legs
847.2 drawer lateral file
848.Decor wall clock
849.Decor wall clock
850.Large wall clock
851.2 marquee light letters (B & C)
852.Hon metal storage cabinet
853.Hon metal storage cabinet
854.folding wood display box
855.Hon metal storage cabinet
856.5 - assorted bulletin boards
857.Whiteboard easel w/ number chart
858.Hon metal storage cabinet
859.Hon metal storage cabinet
860.Hon metal storage cabinet
861.Rolling cherry typing desks
862.Hon 2 drawer vertical filing cabinet
863.American DJ dotz Tpar system w/ case, foot controller and remote control
864.Large lot assorted Tobin jackets
865.Elite Screens pull down projector screen
866.29 - assorted whiteboards and bulletin boards
867.Bunn VP-17 series coffee brewer and warmer 3 carafes
869.Night stand
870.3 - kids rocking gaming seats
871.2 - plastic patio seats
872.2 - round planters
873.Carpet 7.5'x9.5'
874.Female chrome painted mannequin
875.Male chrome painted mannequin
876.Male chrome painted mannequin
877.Female chrome painted mannequin
878.Lot - jewelry displays
879.2 - mannequin jewlery busts
880.Global large utility cart
881.Lot - assorted metal signs and rope lights
882.Cart w/ contents
883.Metal decor piece
884.Sentry safe (no combo, no key)
885.Sentry safe (no combo, no key)
886.Chair dolly
887.Case of Sparco hanging Gil folder frames
888.2 - as is rolling office chairs
889.9' conference table
890.Side table
891.8' conference table
892.Metal storage cabinet
893.2 - leather chairs (as is)
894.Hon 4 drawer vertical filing cabinet
895.9 - 4' round tables
896.3 - 8' folding tables (one with damaged corner
897.Bretford mobile charging cart (no key)
898.2 - small grey desks
899.2 - metal book cases (gray)
900.4 - metal book cases (black)
901.Cherry desk
902.23 - assorted framed motivational posters (one with cracked glass)
903.L shaped desk w/ 2 drawer lateral filing cabinet
904.Round table 48"
905.Wood desk small
906.2 - grey small desks
907.2 - small gray metal book cases
908.metal black book case
909.2 - wood book cases
910.2 - small black desks
911.2 - round tables
912.2 - assorted metal supply cabinets
913.2 - 6' task tables
914.2 - 6' task tables
915.Cart w/ contents
916.2 - small black desks
917.2 - black 4 drawer vertical filing cabinets
918.2 - gray 4 drawer vertical filing cabinets
919.Black office desk
920.5 - guest chairs
922.Black office cradenza
923.Wood book case
924.Black wood desk
925.Black 2 drawer lateral file cabinet
926.Lacquered wall art, parrots
927.2 drawer vertical filing cabinet
928.43 - large 6' x 4' bulletin boards
929.6 - 4' x 3k' bulletin boards
930.Cherry wood 2 drawer lateral file cabinet
931.4 - 4' round tables
932.36" round table
933.6' folding table
934.Case of 48 new Sparco plastic clipboards
935.Steamer trunk style organizer (on casters)
936.Lot - yoga mats
937.Hon 2 drawer vertical filing cabinet
938.Lot stuffing
939.Wall art
940.3 - framed motivational posters
941.2 - Avaya IP office 500 V2 phone control units in wall mount racks office desk
943.Wood book case
944.Office chair
945.Great northern popcorn machine 8oz.
946.Gold Medal popcorn machine on wheeled cart
947.Magic chef refrigerator
949.Folding table
950.3 - school chairs
951.Cybernet I-one monitor
952.Metal storage cabinet
953.Small gray desk
954.HP 21 all-in-one computer
955.HP touchSmqrt 420 all-in-one pc
956.HP touchSmqrt 420 all-in-one pc
957.HP Pavillion 20 all-in-one PC
958.38 - plastic clip boards
959.HP Pavillion 20 all-in-one PC
960.HP all-in-one PC
961.HP touchSmqrt 320 all-in-one pc
962.HP 21 all-in-one PC
963.2 - Hon 4 drawer vertical filing cabinets
964.Artificial plant
965.Tens o metal storage cabinet
966.Cart w/ contents
967.Exercise hall & inflatable sun ball
968.Large wall clock
969.18 - school chairs
970.2 drawer vertical filing cabinet
971.Lot assorted poker chips
972.Wood pieces for capital letters work set
973.Gray office desk
974.Mesh back office chair
975.Metal storage cabinet
976.2 - Hon vertical 2 drawer file cabinets
977.Lot - 2 office chairs
978.Gray small office desk
979.Hon metal storage cabinet (locked, no key)
980.Gray small office desk
982.HP 21 all-in-one PC
983.HP 21 all-in-one PC
984.HP pavilion 20 all-in-one PC
985.HP 21 all-in-one PC
986.HP TouchSmart 420 PC all-in-one computer
987.HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one PC
988.HP all-in-one PC
989.HP 21 all-in-one PC
990.2 drawer vertical file cabinet (no keys, locked)
991.9 - school chairs
992.Rubbermaid cooler
993.Large wall clock
994.HP 20-r201w all-in-one PC
995.Sony Trinitron TV
996.HP touchSmart 420 PC all-in-one
997.HP 21 all-in-one PC
999.Large lot assorted books, educational books, and toys
1000.HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one PC
1001.HP all-in-one PC
1002.HP TouchSmart Envy 20
1003.2 - Hon 2 drawer vertical filing cabinets
1004.Hon metal storage cabinet
1005.Small gray office desk
1006.Trapezoid table
1007.Large wall clock
1008.Tennsco metal storage cabinet
1009.Small gray office desk
1010.Hon 2 drawer vertical filing cabinet

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