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Professional Audio/Video Equipment - Thursday, September 5th, 2019 Bids Start Closing at 2:00 PM

Item Description
1.Vision digital audio workstation
2.12 Martin & Co extended life SP+ acoustic guitar strings 80/20 bronze light
3.12 Martin & Co extended life SP+ acoustic guitar strings 80/20 bronze light
4.12 Martin & Co acoustic guitar strings 80/20 Bronze medium
5.12 Martin & Co acoustic guitar strings 80/20 Bronze medium
6.12 Martin & Co lifespan SP acoustic guitar strings 80/20 Bronze light
7.12 Martin & Co lifespan SP acoustic guitar strings 80/20 Bronze light
8.12 Martin & Co lifespan SP acoustic guitar strings 80/20 Bronze light
9.12 Martin & Co lifespan SP acoustic guitar strings 80/20 Bronze light
10.12 Martin & Co lifespan SP acoustic guitar strings 80/20 Bronze light
11.51 assorted Martin & Co guitar strings
12.25 assorted Martin & Co guitar strings
13.2 JBL 128H 12" speaker tested working needs new foam
14.2 Fender - Cerwin Vega Orange 12" speakers tested working
15.Teac TN-420 analog turntable with cartridge new in a box
16.Sony SDM-S73 LCD monitor
17.SWR engineering basic Black 15" base combo works needs service
18.Gibson vintage guitar tube amp untested
19.2 Mackie HR 624 speakers high resolution studio monitor
20.2 JBL J2045 speakers
21.lot of assorted APC back -UPS ES and Echo Express III
22.2 cases of TDK Pro DA-R60 digital audio tape
23.Arturia 25 analog experience the player synthesizer anthology
24.Yamaha guitar effect processor GEP50 with midi foot controller model MFC05
25.Philips 851 world wide stereo
26.SKB case with handle & wheels
27.lot of 26 assorted Fuji digital audio
28.lot of assorted items flash light, headphone, mic screen
29.Roland U-20 RS-PCM keyboard
30.Nikon D-80 digital camera
31.Canon 35-80 camera lens
32.Cinton oboe missing parts as is
33.lot of assorted air hoses equipment
34.lot of assorted connectors
35.lot of assorted vintage mic clips
36.10 e-track for mounting inside trucks
37.lot of assorted items rivertool, headphone, button, airplane compass camera with tokina lens and power supply
39.2 Element Technica power supply for Red camera and 12 volt camera 4 pin xl
40.2 power supplies for Red camera
41.3 assorted Red camera power distro
42.BNCR lens mount
43.Red one camera element technica rod L bracket, cheese handle, cheese plate
44.Red one camera element arm with cheese handle and cheese plate
45.2 Red epic tactical accessories plate
46.lot od Red mounted plates
47.Red camera shoulder mount
48.lot of assorted new Dat tapes
49.Bittree video patch panel
50.ADC video patch panel
51.approx. 40 assorted kings tri-ax connectors
52.4 x 5 .650 dual filter set for matte box
53.Element technica tri-pod / rod plate
54.Element technica tri-pod / rod plate
55.Element technica tri-pod / rod plate
56.Fender rumble 500 power up needs repair as is
57.Peavey speaker cabinet with speaker
58.25" barrel BBQ with assorted accessories and mesquite charcoal
59.Acoustic Solutions 345 HD shotgun microphone in box
60.Acoustic Solutions 345 HD shotgun microphone in box
61.Acoustic Solutions 345 HD shotgun microphone in box
62.JBL LSR 28P linear spatial reference Bi- amplified monitor with stand and power cable
63.lot of assorted items
64.20 large XLRF to mini XLRM
65.20 female XLRF to mini female XLRM
66.lot of 27 new assorted wind screen
67.Korg sampling grand weighted keys
68.2 - JBL 4560 speakers w/ JBL 2220B alnico gray 15" drivers, and custom blue speaker covers (all tested, working)
69.2 - original JBL 4642 double 18 bass cabinets, loaded with 2 JBL 18" 2241-H 2 ea. Tested working
70.BSS FES310 2 way stereo, 3 way mono active crossovers (tested working)
71.BSS FES310 2 way stereo, 3 way mono active crossovers (tested working)
72.Sony HVRM25U HD recorder/player (not working, tape stuck inside)
73.Groove Tube 112 speaker cabinet
74.Groove Tube 112 2x8 SFX speaker box
75.Groove tube 112 2x8 SFX speaker box (finished in black)
76.Groove Tube SFX speaker cabinet
77.Groove Tube SFX speaker cabinet
78.2 - Alesis monitor 2 studio monitor speakers
79.Groove Tube speaker enclosure
80.Groove Tube Space station SFX cabinet w/ one speaker
81.Groove Tube speaker testing enclosure
82.Groove Tube SFX cabinet w/ castors, for 2x 15" and a horn (white Tolex)
83.2 - Groove Tube SFX cabinet w/ castors, for 2x 15" and a horn (black Tolex)
84.Groove Tube SFX cabinet for 4x 12" (white Tolex)
85.Groove Tube SFX Space station complete w/ amp (untested, as is)
86.Sony SA-W2500 active subwoofer
87.Aleis XT 8 track digital audio recorder
88.Eastern AX-4106E multimedia super woofer speaker system
89.lot - DVD player and assorted speakers
90.TC Electric M300 dual engine processor
91.Rolls RA62 headphone amplifier
92.Lexicon MPX 100 dual channel processor
93.3 - Tripp Lite isobars
94.Proco PM 148 patch bay
95.lot - file cabinet, 3-hole punch, and digital camera
96.Sony STR-DE875 stereo receiver
97.Digidesign digi 002 rack
98.Sony DVD/VCR
99.rack mount shelf
100.Groove Tube SFX Space station complete w/ amp (untested, as is)
101.Mc Intosch Model Mc 240 stereo Tube amp. Mc intosch clinic service green sticker. 2014 Vintage rebuild with NOS tubes and parts by LAs Doug Anderson (Includes ALL MATCHED bias tubes marked tube position from front to back in individual white boxes, chrome and silk screen in good condition. Fully tested and pulled form working system.)
102.Tascam GA-30CD
103.lot - assorted electronics, and items
104.25 - spud adapters
105.MCI JH24 power supply
106.lot - assorted vintage items
107.lot - 4 backstage passes, Santana, Chris Isaak, 2 x Roxy Music
108.NOS - Paramount pictures, mug and beer glass
109.library cart
110.Ampex 2" audio head
111.2 - microphone cases
112.2 - metal bucket list buckets
113.lot - assorted electrical components
114.2 - 35mm film reel cans
115.lot - milk glass and photo glass in wooden box
116.2 - Billboard wireless Bluetooth headphones (black)
117.2 - Billboard wireless Bluetooth headphones (white)
118.8 - new canvas padded gig bags (Stratocaster and telecaster type)
119.8 - new canvas padded gig bags (Stratocaster and telecaster type)
120.2 - Billboard wireless Bluetooth headphones (white)
121.2 - Billboard wireless Bluetooth headphones (black and purple)
123.2 - 3M tape machine electronics (as is, for parts or not working, project)
124.lot- as is electronics
125.telescoping art holder
126.cello finger board and bridge
127.lot - assorted walkie talkie accessories
128.lot - BNC and UHF connectors
129.lot - assorted tools and holders
130.original vintage tube cover cage for Macintosh MC 240 amp
131.drum stand w/ double hangers
132.hi hat stand
133.2 - cymbal stand
134.boom cymbal stand
135.2 - cymbal stand
136.lot - more than 70 vintage record albums
137.lot - more than 70 vintage record albums
138.CB snare drum w/ case
139.snare drum, no snare
141.CB Mx series white drum kit
142.Gammon 4 piece green kit
143.3 - Zildjian, Paiste, Tiger cymbals w/ bag (no cracks or keyhole issues)
144.3 string Balika
145.4 - assorted Beato drum gig bags
146.Toshiba cassette deck w/ VU meters
147.Spirit of St. Louise CD/Record player
148.tote of assorted CDs
149.tote of assorted CDs
150.Line6 Spider IV 75 amplifier
151.Midas Si mixing console in wheeled flight case
152.Midas 400 Verona mixing console in wheeled flight case
153.Sound craft Spirit 2 mixing board w/ wheeled case and 2 power supplies
154.Yamaha FG140 redlabel (1968-71' Japan, Nippon Gakki), no breaks or repairs, rare hardshell case
155.RCA vintage tube caddie (very nice condition, no rips or repairs)
156.Carton carbon fiber tripod w/ Action pro fluid leveling head, no handle, internal spreader
157.Sachtlar 2-stage aluminum ball head tripod tripod (no issues)
158.Ampex AG440-C 4 track 1/2" w/ 4-B electronics (-C has servo board on bottom for all other speed selects) w/ 4 electoronics covers and 4 electronics balance transformers; optional fottage/time counter, vintage original Ampex case and new third party case w/ no cover
159.genuine Ampex vintage case for reel 2 reel machines (350 - 354 & 440 machines) very good original condition
160.4 box set albums "The Great Singers" (Tiny Bennet, Andy Williams, and more)
161.Logitech speaker
162.4 - Billboard Bluetooth wireless headphones (white)
163.3 - Billboard Bluetooth wireless headphones (white)
164.8 - Billboard Bluetooth wireless headphones (black)
165.6 - Billboard Bluetooth wireless headphones (black)
166.4 - Billboard Bluetooth wireless headphones (black)
167.6 - Billboard Bluetooth wireless headphones (black)
168.Sonic 3 stage mic boom
169.3 - JBL speaker original tested model PD5322/64 WH and comes with PD5122-WH
170.2 - JBL speaker original tested model PD5322/64 WH
171.2 - assorted cases
173.pallet with assorted printers and computer parts
174.lot of White PTFE tape standard density
175.Curtis coffee maker
176.lot of boltless shelving units
178.shelf unit
179.pallet with new cardoard boxes
180.RCA 44BX ribbon mic serviced by famed Charlie Gant, never used since serviced, garuntee tested working
181.RCA BK1 mic.
182.RCA Variacoustic mic serviced by Charlie Gant, never used since
183.RCA SK-46 ribbon mic
184.RCA SK-46 ribbon mic
185.ElectraVoice EV664 w/ balanced cable to XLR
186.Neumenn TLM 50 omnidirectional mic, w/ Audio Technica 8441 shockmount (tested working)
187.Benchmark DXA-micropro hi-def cmera audio adapter XLR to 3.5mini in original box (tested working)
188.Astatic D-104C vintage mic w/ XLR
189.RCA 77D ribbon mic serviced by famed Charlie Gant, never used since serviced, garuntee tested working
190.AEA R84 ribbon mic. NOS condition, factory extra long cable w/ bag
191.AEA model A440 CX (amplified 44 model) NOS, never used (new price $5800.00)
192.Shure mixer FP42 in case wired with balannced audio DA 1x16 or 2x8 swithable
193.lot of 24 par 64 fixtures (Black) 23 par 64 bulbs (wide/med) 1 24" x 8' double hung pre rigged prt 12 par 64 fixtures (black) 12 [ar 64 bulbs (wide/med)
194.lot of 24" x 8' double hung pre rigged prt 12 par 64 fixtures (black 12 par 64 bulbs 1 24" x 8' single hung pre rigged prt 6 par 64 fictures (black) 6 par 64 bulbs 2 x par 64 6 bar (pre rigged) 12 par 64 fixtures (silver)
195.lot of 1 24" x 8' double hung pre rigged prt 12 par 64 fixtures (black) 6 par 64 bulbs 1 24" x 8' single hung pre rigged prt 6 par 64 fixtures (black) 6 par bulbs 2x par 64 6 bar (pre rigged) 12 par 64 fixtures (silver) 4x par 64 6 bar (pipe only) (silver) 2x par 64 6 bar (pipe +soca only) (black)
1001.Evertz HD Router
1002.Evertz HD Router
1003.Evertz HD Router
1004.Evertz HD Router
1005.Pair of KLH 3 Way Surround Sound Indoor / Outdoor Speakers Model 403 - New Old Stock
1006.Lot - Flashlights, Coleman Head strap Light, 2 Schlage Door Knobs, Thinsulate Winter Gloves
1007.Lot of 5 Sensormatic ZBSMPROE Controllers with Cables
1008.Lot of 3 Battery Backup Units - (1) APC Back-Ups ES 500, (2) CyberPower 625VA
1009.Covidien EEAORVIL25A - Box of 4 (Box of 3 Sells on ebay for $200+)
1010.Ohaus Analytical Plus Scale AP210 (Powers on with error message, needs to be calibrated)
1011.Emergency Throw Ladder for Balconies
1012.Bausch & Lomb Spectronic 20
1013.Bausch & Lomb Spectronic 20
1014.Parco Microscope with 3 Objectives
1015.Parco Microscope with 3 Objectives
1016.Bagged Parco Microscope with Dissasembled Parts
1017.Parco Microscope with 3 Objectives
1018.Bausch & Lomb Spectronic 20
1019.Bausch & Lomb Spectronic 20
1020.Bausch & Lomb Spectronic 20
1021.Parco LTM Microscope with 3 Objectives
1022.Parco LTM Microscope with 3 Objectives
1023.Parco LTM Microscope with 3 Objectives
1024.Parco Microscope with 2 Objectives
1025.Parco Microscope with 3 Objectives
1026.Evans Timpani 35" White Drumhead - New in Box
1027.4 New Lantern Batteries - 2 Eveready & 2 Duracell
1028.Large Heavy Duty Junction and Pull Box for Electrical - Wire Guard Systems - Type 3R - 24"x36"x8.5" (Never installed, old stock)
1029.Flambeau 3-Tray Tackle Box
1030.Lot of 15 Sterilite Tote Cases Complete with Lids - (14) 13-5/8" x 8-1/4" x 4-7/8" 6qt & (1) Larger Tote
1031.Lot - Devilbiis Compact Compressor & 2 Oxygen Regulators with Hoses
1032.New Old Stock Lot of 6 Xantech IR Equipment
1033.Lot - 8 Boxes of 3M Curos CFF10-250 & 6 Boxes of Needle-Pro Edge Safety Device ED2015-NO
1034.Electronics Lot - Fujitsu & Seagate Hard Drives, Homedics Sound Machine, Recessed Light Kit, + More
1035.Lot - Foot Switch with Guard, Film Drive & Power Supply for Paillard Bolex Camera
1036.Lot - Misc. Items - DVD's & Harry Potter Blu-Ray, Old Postcards, Watches, Small Electronics + More
1037.Lot - Mostly new stock items from a stock room. Pipe & Hose Fittings, Hardware, Cables, + Misc Parts
1038.Parco Microscope with 3 Objectives
1039.Parco Microscope with 3 Objectives
1040.Parco Microscope with 3 Objectives
1041.Parco Microscope with 3 Objectives
1042.Parco LTM Microscope with 3 Objectives
1043.Parco Microscope with 3 Objectives
1044.Parco Microscope with 3 Objectives for Parts
1045.CD Lot - Beck, Interpol, Pokemon Soundtrack, Etc. 7 Total
1046.EcoTensil EcoTaster Mid ETMID-10000Brk - 6 Bricks - Each brick contains 625 Tasting Spoons
1047.Ansell Encore Radiation Gloves - Box of 12
1048.Ansell Encore Radiation Gloves - Box of 5
1049.Vintage Sanyo Boombox
1050.HP 2009m 20" HD LCD Monitor
1051.Apple G5 Computer - Tested and works - No hard drive.
1052.Guitar Hero Red Octane Drum Set Complete
1053.Respironics Everflo 1020000
1054.Brand New TOMS Double Tree Sunglasses & Eyeglasses Countertop Display Case Rack
1055.Lot of 4 Welch Allyn 4700 Mobile Stands - Sells for $150-200 each on ebay
1056.Enovate Mobius Power Battery Lot - 26 Total
1057.Enovate Mobius Power Battery Lot - 31 Total
1058.Enovate Mobius Power Battery Lot - Marked Bad/Exp - Still work but do not charge to full capacity - 15 Total
1059.Lot of 14 CompuCaddy LCD / Tablet Mounts with Additional Panavise Camera Mount - MSRP $200+ Each
1060.Toshiba Digital Cinema Progressive Scan DVD Player with Remote Plus 3 Other Remotes Lot
1061.Technics Turntable SL-QD33 with Ortofon OMP 10 & T4P - And Cables
1062.Genelec Replacement Speaker - New old stock
1063.Jansport Backpack with Headphone Slot
1064.Vintage Metal Oscillating Desk Fan
1065.2 Coleman Lanterns
1066.Super Z LT Tire Chains
1067.US Divers Aqua-Lung Snorkeling Set - Med/Large - New
1068.Home Remodel Lot - Baldwin Images Gold 24" Towel Bar, Stainless Steel Towel Bar, 24" Under Cabinet Halogen Light Bar - All New
1069.Nintendo Wii with 3 Games & Controllers Lot - Includes: System, Stand, Sensor Bar, AV Cables, Power Supply, Nunchuck Controller, Regular Controller, Super Mario Galaxy, Disney Epic Mickey, & Trauma Center Second Option Games
1070.Comic Book Lot - 26 in Total with 1 Mad Magazine from 1978 in a File Container Box - Includes Batman, Spider-Man, Catwoman, Underworld Unleashed, + More - All are Bagged & Boarded
1071.Lot - Curtis Camera Handle Grip?, Guitar Hero USB Miscrophone, Other Microphone, & Nvidia Quadro Graphics Card
1072.King Kong Peter Jackson's Production Diaries DVD Box Set
1073.Spider-Man Limited Edition DVD Box Set with 2 DVD's, Replica of Amazing Fantasy First Appearance of Spider-Man Comic Book, Art Litograph, & Movie Cel
1074.Star Wars Trilogy DVD Box Set
1075.PC Game Collectors Lot - Everquest II in Tin Case, Star Wars Jedi Knight II in Tin Case, and 2 World of Warcraft Sets
1076.Spongebob Squarepants DVD Box Set Lot - Complete Seasons 1,2,&3 - Look New
1077.DVD Box Set Lot - PeeWee's Playhouse #1 & #2, Eastbound and Down, Peen & Teller, Mr Show, Larry Sanders Show, & Chapelle's Show
1078.DVD Lot - 18 Total - Harry Potter, X-Men, Terminator T2, Batman + More
1079.DVD Lot - 21 Total - Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka, Elf, Nightmare Before Christmas, Ghost World, Office Space + More
1080.2 Complete Sets of 1992 Topps Baseball Cards
1081.Lot - Football Cards Sets - New Old Stock - 1990 Topps, 1989 Topps Traded, 2 Sets of 1991 Fleer Ultra
1082.Lot - 4 Binders Packed with Sports Cards - Football, Basketball, & Baseball - One binder is full of insert and rarity cards. 3 other binders has late 80's/early 90's cards.
1083.Baseball Card Lot - 160 Sheets with 9 cards Per Sheet - Also 1 box of Ultra Pro Blank Card Sheets
1084.Lot - 6 Large Binders Packed with CCG Cards - Galactic Empires, Tempest, + Others
1085.Lot - 4 Large Binders Packed with Various Collector's Cards #1
1086.Lot - 4 Large Binders Packed with Various Collector's Cards #2
1087.Lot - 50 Sheets of Various Collector's Cards - 9 Cards to a Sheet
1088.Huge Lot of Various Collector's Cards - Some still in the original boxes, some bagged up. Approx 24 Bags
1089.Lot of PC Games - Star Wars, Battlefield 1942, World of Warcraft 2, Farcry, Duke Nukem 3D, Unreal, Plus Many More
1090.2 Boxes of Titleist Golf Balls
1091.MAD Magazine Collector's Toilet Paper Roll - Still Sealed
1092.Lot of Various Collectibles - Vintage DC, Batman, & Star Wars Small Figurines - X-Files Production Cel & Pack of Cards - Radiohead CD, Star Wars Cassettes Plus Everything Shown
1093.2 Lord of the Rings 7" Sideshow Figurines / Statues - Smeagol & Minas Tirith
1094.Mars Pathfinder Landing 1997 NASA Collectors Plate Numbered on the Back & Cobalt Blue Kosta 1972 Plate Signed on the back by the artist
1095.David Bowie Young Americans LP & 1983 Star Wars Return of the Jedi Lucasfilms Portfolio
1096.Lot of 6 Geode Coasters
1097.Split Open Rock Geode
1098.Golf Club Lot - Callaway Big Bertha Drivers, Taylormade Drivers, Plus Others - 14 Clubs in Total, Wilson Golf Bag, Golf Balls and Various Gloves
1099.Vintage 1983 Star Wars Toy Lot - C3PO Figure Case with 5 Figures
1100.Vintage Star Wars Toy Lot with Darth Vader Figure Case and 10 Figures
1101.Franklin Chef Ice Machine
1102.Pyxis Anesthesia System Cart

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