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****3rd Tuesday of July - Bids Close on Tuesday, July 16th, Bids Start Closing at 2:00 PM

Item Description
1.lot - assorted shirts 4 cases
2.framed art
3.framed art
4.frmaed art (broken glass)
5.3 - medical posters
6.vintage spanish hardwood buffet
7.2 - chair slip covers
8.antique floor brass and marble lamp
9.guitar stand
10.rustic bench
11.wood chair
12.Bevrage-Air Coca-Cola refrigerator (tested working)
13.Cool-Living 10,000 BTU air conditioner (new in box, damaged packaging)
14.Warring commercial toaster
15.Mini LED motion head (as is, bad fuses)
16.LED automotive bar light
17.2 - Posh speakers w/ mounts
18.2 - QSC KW152 loudspeaker moduals
19.2 - KLH 970A monitor speakers
20.12 - full cambro containers, no lids
21.Propane patio heater
22.lot - small new boxes
23.Vintage Nishijin Pachinco machine
24.3 tierd dessert stand, missing bottom tier plastic
25.vintage industrial table on one way castors (48" x 30")
26.vintage metal desk (60" x 30")
27.workshop parts case drawers (14, with cases)
28.Durham bulk parts bin 5.5' tall
29.Duravit lavatory sink (as is, crack)
30.plastic drawers of backing equipment/supplies
31.lot - assorted electronics
32.speed rack w/ contents and cover
33.3 - assorted large roasting pans
34.2 - drawer bin storage units
35.childrens guitar
36.baked goods retailer w/ trays
37.lot - 4 holiday baskets (new)
38.36 - glass portion bowls
39.Ice-O-Matic model:ICEU060A, under counter ice machine
40.Franklin Chef under counter ice machine
41.Kitchenaid Artisan mixer w/ accesorries
42.StarTech adjustable rolling networking rack
43.Henny Penny FDS 100 fryer dump station
44.Bunn Axiom digital drip coffee brewer (missing some front plate screws)
45.Bunn Axiom digital drip coffee brewer (missing some front plate screws)
46.10 ton hydraulic frame repair set "SS" type
47.heavy duty cantalivierd part/tool drawers
48.hamper basket
49.2- wall mounted wine holders
50.2 - large PA speaker horns (no drivers)
51."Jack Daniels" LED lighted bar sign, new in box w/ hanging chains
52.vintage stained glass light (broken piece, untested)
53.vintage stained glass light (untested)
54.vintage stained glass light (untested)
55.vintage stained glass light (broken piece, untested)
56.vintage stained glass light (broken pieces, untested)
57.vintage stained glass light (untested)
58.3 - small vintaeg stained glass lights (2 require releading on seams)
59.vintage stained glass light (missing pieces, untested)
60.dagger on display controller
62.Casio LK-40 keyboard (no power supply) hose
64.Libby glass ware set (missing 3 tall glasses, only 13 pieces)
65.die cast car, 68' Chevelle SS 396
66.vintage sanitation truck toy (missing wheels)
67.Mobile oil vintage truck toy (damaged wheels)
68.die cast car, '55 chevy Bel Air nomad
69.6 - die cast Ford, Chevy, and Jeep cars
70.3 - die cast cars
71.die cast car, chevy
72.2 - die cast cars, ford mustangs Boss and GT
73.3 - vintage trucks
74.3 - small die cast cars
75.lot - small car toys
76.die cast car
77.lot - assorted toys
78.Gameboy color w/ games and case
79.2 - platers
80.large lot of assorted toys
81.10 - Hot Wheels pro racing 1997 cars
82.lot - assorted collectible cars
83.lot - pewter napolianic and civil war figures
84.lot - Hot Wheels star wars toys
85.lot - assorted vintage toys
86.Dodge Clipper badging
87.lot - assorted vintage fishing lures
88.lot - assorted refrigerator magnets
89.Schwab 5000 fire proof 4 drawer vertical filing cabinet
90.Schwab 5000 fire proof 4 drawer vertical filing cabinet
91.Schwab 5000 fire proof 4 drawer vertical filing cabinet
92.Schwab 5000 fire proof 4 drawer vertical filing cabinet
93.Schwab 5000 fire proof 4 drawer vertical filing cabinet
94.O'Kefe & Merret stove and oven combination
95.vintage toy truck
96.Italian made ceramic turky server
97.lot - assorted décor items
98.stretched canvas print
99.framed print (no glass)
100.Exercise bike
101.Spandau German bolt action rifle 1890
102.3 - large wine bottles
103.vintage wood stool
104.2 - Resteration Hardware sconce light shades (new in wrapping)
105.lot - security hardware
106.lot - assorted License plates (CA, British Columbia, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon)
107.Grahm & Spencer faux fur coat
108.lot - 9 assorted Hawiian shirts
109.lot - 5 pairs of womens pants
110.lot - 4 assorted mens collard shirts
111.vintage womens pant outfit
112.mens suit pants and coat
113.mens coat
114.womens Kelly Grahm outfit
115.Kasper womens coat top
116.guess mens coat top
117.womens coat
118.Izod mens jacket
119.Polo sports coat
120.womens sequined top
121.Vintage sweat shirt
122.lot - of 3 colorful tops
123.lot - 3 T-shirts
124.lot - 4 assorted mens shirts
125.San Fransisco football jeresy
126.JBL jacket and hat
127.jacket top
128.blazer striped suit pants and coat
130.lot - 8 assorted hawiian shirts
131.lot - 15 assorted hawiian shirts
132.sports cardagan
133.scarf w/ metal dangles
134.26 - Superman collection DVD sets with Lex Luther bust
135.lot - 6 oblong glass vases w/ "WB" logo in lower corner
136.48 - Wallace Silversmiths silver plated universal remote control w/ "WB" etched logo
137.50 - leather desk top organizers (embossed w/ "WB" logo)
138.60 - Lug luggage straps
139.3 - Chinese wind gongs by Woodstock Chimes (marked "Xiolin Showdown")
140.14 - wine opener kits w/ tea lights (marked "WB")
141.6 - Umbra magnetic photo collages
142.12 - Swing photo trays
143.25 - wine opener kits w/ tea lights (marked "WB")
144.3 - clutch wallets
145.36 - metal desk sets
146.14 - wine opener kits w/ tea lights (marked "WB")
147.12 - wine opener kits w/ tea lights (marked "WB")
148.40 - hanging clocks
149.6 - Chinese wind gongs by Woodstock Chimes (marked "Xiolin Showdown")
150.18 - executive desktop dart boards w/ "WB" stickers on bases
151.SE-A E&C model: SSI-203S soft serve machine good condition
152.2 - décor masks
153.lot - assorted license plates (some over 100 years old, 1918)
154.lot - winnie the pooh collectibels
155.Pepsi pitcher and 5 glass set (small repaired chip on top of pitcher)
156.lot - ceramic and glass décor
157.animal head décor busts
158.lot - 2 metal décor pieces
159.wood box w/ contents of drift wood
160.lot - jewlery in box
161.lot - assorted jewlery in box
162.lot - assorted jewlery in box
163.5 - candy jars
164.vintage caserol dises
165.lot - assorted ceramics and glass
166.jewlery case
167.middle eastern coffee set
168.Clairinet in case of Japanese tea mugs
170.set of Japanese crane plates
171.metal peanut candy dish w/ lid
172.stained glass light shade
173.lot - assorted books and magazines
174.lot - 3 metal dishes, made in India
175.lot - CD cases
176.rolling luggage
177.lot - large basket full of buttons
178.lot - assorted denim in leather duffal bag
179.vintaeg poker set
180.12" Skilsaw in case
181.vintage Skil 514 jig saw of assorted fuses
183.lot - reloading supplies (empty cartridges and tools and manuals)
184.faux book full of jewlery
185.small stained glass lamp shade
186.2 - ceramic bowls
187.lot - glass bowls
188.lot - glass items
189.set of glass nesting bowls
190.vintage toiletries kit w/ assorted jewlery
192.Allen 2 deluxe two bike trunk carrier
193.ceramic jug
194.jewlery box w/ contents
195.wood caarved décor
196.2 - fuse cases proof lock box, no key
198.Bose sub woofer
199.lot - artist supplies
200.lot - assorted shirts and denim pants
201.lot - coasters and carved wood frog dish w/ lid
202.lot - assorted car parts
203.Underwood antique typewriter
204.12 - Snap-On 3/4" wrenches
205.11 - Snap-On 3/4" wrenches
206.12 - assorted sized and brand wrenches
207.16 - assorted sized and brand wrenches
208.assorted tools
209.metal tool box
210.Da Vinci suit case
211.woven basket of assorted jewlery
212.lot - assorted items
213.set of clcoks (London, New York, Hong Kong)
214.lot - assorted coasters and bowls
215.rack mount power distro
216.Next 2 chanel mixer by stanton
217.lot - speakers and assorted wires
218.vintage binoculars
220.2 - suits
222.4 - pairs of sports shoes
223.lot - ties and hats
224.lot - clothes
225.Braveman sports coat
226.6 - assorted purses
227.3 - assorted sports coats
228.2 - dress slips
229.Christmas tree skirt
230.lot - 2 shirts
231.lot - assorted clothes
232.lot - assorted bowling and polo shirts
233.Dell LCD monitor
234.bolt of lace
235.lot - fish radar display and fishing lure
236.2 - vintage first aid cases w/ contents (for display or prop use only)
237.lot - décor
238.lot - assorted items
240.Conair hair dryer
241.lot - exercise rings
242.lot - adult magazines
243.11 - Beam's Choice wildlife bottles harness
245.lot - vintage military metal figures
246.cast iron mail banks
247.cast iron horses and carriages
248.lot - lamps
249.stone art sculpture
250.lot - vintage models saddle saddle
253.90" x 58" area carpet
254.2 - neoprene wet suits of restaurant menu folders
256.wood chair
257.3 - upholstered wood and metal chairs
258.Bunn Pour-Omatic coffee machine
259.2 - antique windows (54" x 18)
260.lot - assorted belts
261.assorted glasses in box
263.Scotch 1" audio tape
264.tote of christmas lights
265.lot - assorted rocks, gems and crystals
267.large wood bowls and folding stool
268.lot - assorted books and magazines
269.lot - tools
270.tote of assorted books
271.2 - carppets (50" x 16")
272.4 - Ralph Lauren glasses
273.6 - large scallop shells
274.set of bridge candy dishes
275.12 - Japanese cermic bowls
276.lot - cermics
277.Varages bowl
278.6 - japanese cermic plates
279.ceramic bowl
280.alabaster container (as is, loose top)
281.ceramic décor ballet flats
282.cermic plate
283.1987 collectors plate
284.ceramic vase
285.5 - stained glass 1950's ceiling emblems granite sink top w/ back splash (new in crate)
287.Hampton Bay pendant ceiling light
288.Denon reciever
289.bin of assorted kitchen ware
290.vintage frosted glass orchid booth seperator
291.antuqie mirrored door/window insert
292.queen 4 post wood bed (complete)
293.framed painting
294.framed painting
295.lot - Tuxton mugs in two crates
296.lot - crock and ramekins
297.acrylic cabinet
298.ornate wood carved hutch top or shrine
299.framed mirror
300.framed mirror
301.framed mirror with heavy metal frame, beveled glass
302.framed art
303.vintage Adler portable typewriter in carrying case
304.2 wall lights
305.2 Edsal steel shelf units in box
306.Oster bread machine
307.vintage double sided stock cart
308.lot- vintage brass fittings in 2 boxes
309.lot- vintage wall decorations
310.2 20-ton jacks
311.very old axle with wheels of new menu folders
313.lot- fire exit signs and extinguisher pointers
314.vintage 5 arm light fixture
315.lot- 4 décor organizers
316.lot- new cake pans, 6 in 2 sizes
317.2 insulated food carriers
318.lot- menu folders
319.lot- wall décor in tote
320.Oxmoor 4x4 buffer amp, maybe new, in box
321.Sony amplifier
322.Chauvet Hurrican 1800 fog machine
323.Chauvet Kinta multi-effect show light coffee air pot
325.Kitchen Aid slicer/shredder
326.lot- contents with tote
327.lot- contents with tote
328.lot- contents with tote
329.lot- dishware with tote
330.organizer with contents
331.24 each -Earthly Body Hemp Hand & Body Lotion / Melon
332.24 each -Earthly Body Hemp Bath & Shower Gel /Melon
333.24 each -Earthly Body Hemp Bath & Shower Gel / Lavender
334.24 each -Earthly Body Hemp Bath & Shower Gel / Lavender
335.24 each -Earthly Body Hemp Hand & Body Lotion / Tropical
336.24 each -Earthly Body Hemp Hand & Body Lotion / Dreamsicle
337.24 each -Earthly Body Hemp Bath & Shower Gel/ Tropical
338.24 each -Earthly Body Hemp Bath & Shower Gel / Lavender
339.24 each -Earthly Body Hemp Hand & Body Lotion / Dreamsicle
340.24 each -Earthly Body Hemp Hand & Body Lotion/ Dreamsicle
341.24 each -Earthly Body Hemp Bath & Shower Gel / Dreamsicle
342.22 each -Earthly Body Hemp Bath & Shower Gel / Lavender
343.Bunn double coffee warmers
344.lot- vintage brass fittings
345.vintage British bar mirror - Truman's
346.dual crepe maker
347.Casablanca movie poster with loose acrylic cover
501.500 Viva Laughlin $25.00 Green poker chips
502.500 Viva Laughlin $25.00 Green poker chips
503.500 Viva Laughlin $100.00 Black poker chips
504.500 Viva Laughlin 414 pcs $100.00 Black poker chips and 86 Blue $1.00 poker chip
505.500 Viva Laughlin $1.00 Blue poker chips
506.500 Viva Laughlin $5.00 Red poker chips
507.500 Fontana Hotel 200 $1000.00 Yellow poker chip and 300 $100.00 Black poker chip
508.500 Viva Laughlin $5.00 Red poker chips
509.500 Viva Laughlin $1.00 Blue poker chips
510.metal wall decoration
511.lot of assorted security cameras
512.3 kerosine lamps
513.3 assorted vases
514.3 assorted vases
515.lot of assorted vases
516.3 assorted electronics Neutrik patch panel, DBX expander gate 274, DBX zone Pro 640 digital zone protector
517.Bell foot pump
518.Waring commercial immersion blender
519.lot of assorted kitchen supplies
520.29 assorted measuring containers
521.7 assorted lamp shades
522.Antari fog lamp
523.Tons more lots coming soon!!!

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