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Item Description
1.Snap-On GA3634 w/ case
2.General 4-in-1 pin/pad RH moisture meter MMH800 w/ case
3.Lube Link model L2550 quick connect deluxe accessory kit
4.Lube Link model L2550 quick connect deluxe accessory kit
5.CDI torque products 501MMH torque wrench w/ case
6.Sturtevant Richmont 2SDR 501 MG torque wrench w/ case
7.Tronair model: 14-6807-6011 precision pressure gauge
8.Dillon mechanical AP dynamometer 10klbs w/ case
9.Opti tensiometer aircraft control cable T5-2002-104-00
10.CDI torque products 1501MRRH torque wrench
11.Snap-On QD2R100A torque wrench
12.210 bondtester P93740
13.hydraulic pressure gauges set 0-400 & 0-160 PSI
14.Dillon mechanical AP dynamometer 10klbs w/ case
15.Snap-On QD1R200 torque wrench
16.Antiskid auto brake test set F80208-1
17.Rubbermaid 4040 shipping scale
18.Brown & Sharpe .0005in gauge
19.4 - Span 2k PSI gauges
20.Central Pneumatic 1/4" air hydraulic riveter
21.Grizzly H2871 12 ton hydraulic press
22.Woodward -Fab crimper
23.Grizzly model: G0513 17" 2 HP bandsaw
24.Unitron Power Systems GFC-90M power cart
25.Malabar 65P10 floating axle jack 65ton
25A.FAA Maintenance License, 4TRR Designation 4TRR625C. Limited: Airframe, Instrument, Power Plant, Radio.
26.Snap-On QT3R250 torque wrench
27.SPI model:13-684-6 universal dial bevel Protractor
28.Frank & Brown C32013-1 torque wrench adapter AFT retainer nut
29.Extech Instruments heavy duty light meter
30.Fluke 1507 Insulation tester
31.Boeing 727 alignment pins - joining stabilizer to fin
32.3 - assorted wire/bolt/cable cutters
33.Fluke 87 III true RMS multimeter ("needs repair reading all over the place")
34.Fluke Networks Pro3000 probe and Pro3000 toner
35.Chicago Electrics 1600W heavy duty heat gun
36.Mitutoyo Absolute AOS Digimatic digital caliper
37.2 - sets of Jonard Tolls piece extraction tools kits (KR-260 & KA-260)
38.Frank Brown & Son C32043-1 wrench for retaining nut
39.size K adjustable reamer 00610 carbon steel angle blades
40.Mitutoyo magnetic stand 7010SN
41.General Solid Brass plumb bob (32oz)
42.Milwaukee 10:1 infrared temp-gun
43.Shimpo digital force gauge FGE-100XY
44.Lexeit LX001 cutters and wedges
45.200PSI gauge
46.Cobra Systems CST19725-4 Pitot Adapter
47.Cobra Systems CST19725-4 Pitot Adapter
48.Cobra Systems CSA70727-4 Pitot test adapter
49.Cobra Systems CSA70727-4 Pitot test adapter
50.Aero Supply USA OMP2506-3 coupler
51.1932-E2 scissor lift 3030Lbs
52.aluminum nozzle pieces
53.shear bolt 15L19423
55.lot - assorted 3 tools
56.light wands
57.assorted crimpers and rivet press
58.Toyota 5000lb pallet jack
59.Extech 380560 Milliohm meter
60.rolling parts rack (8' x 4')
61.rolling parts rack (8' x 4')
62.Power BreezerPB10-A-06-B
63.Werner 8' 300lb fiberglass ladder
64.Werner 8' 250lb fiberglass ladder
65.Werner 8' 250lb fiberglass ladder
66.8' heavy duty work bench (slip roll on top not included)
67.Slip roll machine, model:W01-1.5X1300
68.Roper Whitney model: U416 Connecticut bending brake
69.forklift gantry arm
70.Boltless shelving sections w/ particle board
71.2 - file cabinets and plan cabinets
72.light duty pallet rack style shelving w/ metal shelf inserts
73.rolling work table (4' x 8')
74.8 - carpet covered saw horses
75.Skyjack SjIII 4632 700lb cap. 32' platform height (possible battery issue, unknown condition)
76.rolling work table (4' x 8')
77.rolling parts rack (8' x 4')
78.rolling parts rack (8' x 4')
79.rolling parts rack (8' x 4')
80.rolling parts rack (8' x 4')
81.rolling work table (4' x 8') bench 6' x 3'
83.metal book case one shelf
84.Jet 20" floor drill press
85.Columbus 20 ton airplane jack (cracked hydraulic bolt, see photos)
86.Tronair model: 02A1248-0112 12 ton airplane jack
87.Power BreezerPB10-A-06-B
88.Malabar PF53361-2PWS fluid dispenser
89.Malabar model: BC-300P
90.three point internal micrometer 3.5-4" 0.0002" w/ calibration ring
91.lot - vacuum pump and grease hand pump
92.8 - nose gear and nut wrenches
93.Tronair model: 02A-1248-0111 12 ton airplane jack
94.Tronair model: 02A-1248-0110 12 ton airplane jack
95.Hydraulic hose fitting adapter set
96.jack pad tail
97.6 - grease pumps
98.Boeing 747 rigging pin kit
99.3 - F72923 lube adapter assemblies
100.4 - harness lanyards
102.Boeing 727 mechanical equipment main landing gear
103.Turbo Sonic 6000 ultrasonic cleaner
104.shear bolt
105.Boeing F72917 test console hydraulic ground fault protection system
106.Dedienne Aerospace F72710 front & rear spar wing terminal pin puller set
107.Laversab 6300-BW Rev. H
108.F72897-1 spanner wrench kit
109.Snap-On QD4R600 large torque wrench
110.F70207-2 rigging pins kit
111.Frank Brown & Son C27001-41 ground lock out set spoiler actuators
112.Spec Tool mechanical equipment main landing gear wrench
113.Aeroflex IFR 4000 nav/comm test set
114.Maxx commercial floor fan
115.LED work light on tripod
116.Gorilla ladder aluminum
117.Werner 6' fiberglass ladder
118.Louisville 6' fiberglass ladder
119.rolling parts rack (8' x 4')
120.Grizzly G0702 12" disk grinder
121.rolling parts rack (8' x 4')
122.rolling parts rack (8' x 4')
123.rolling sheet metal/materials rack
124.General DCS312 scope
125.Proto J6113F dial torque wrench 0-50 ftlbs
126.Hewlett Packard 6034A system power supply
127.Aeroflex IFR 6000 XPDR/DME/TCAS/ADS-B/TIS/UAT test set
128.EMB-145 puller-hinge-pin-stabilizer pneumatic orbital sander
130.2 - Ashcroft 2" 0-30 PSI gauges
131.Mitutoyo VHK 546 gauge .01mm model: 2046S-01
133.Extech foot candle/lux light meter
134.2 - Magnaflux visible penetrant testing kits
135.Embraer 600 GSE 300 clip tension control cable
136.Embraer 600 GSE 58 tooling pins
139.Lexit cutter & wedge kit
140.Tennsmith T 52-16 press break shear
141.Columbus 20 ton airplane jack
142.Columbus 20 ton airplane jack
143.Amoel 75 ton hand and air shop press
144.Columbus R6060-35 hydraulic tripod aircraft jack 60 ton cap.
145.Columbus R6060-30 hydraulic tripod aircraft jack 60 ton cap.
146.Genie S-60 boom lift S/N S60-6021 (2000), 60’ reach, w/ 4,315 hours
147.Toyota towing tractor model: 02-2TG25, 5500lb capacity, 3,588 hours, LP gas
148.32 - Zodiac Seats first class 747 airline seats
149.26 - Boeing 747 business class double seats (22 sets with built in phones and TVs, 4 sets without)
150.5 bays of light duty pallet rack style parts shelving (6 uprights, and assorted shelves and laterals)
151.Toyota 7FGU25 2.5 ton forklift w/ FV 132" mast, side shift, great running condition, hour meter LCD not working (late pick up)
152.4 - adjustable electronics work stations
153.NAPA 2451 3-1/2" VFX socket
154.Craftsman 44804 A-AE ratchet
155.Pittsburgh Pro CR-V ratchet w/ S-AE 4440 attachment
156.DC aircrew headphones and mic
157.2 - Maynard shock absorbing Lanyards
158.pistol grip sealant gun w/ 6 oz. retainer
159.Stinger 2.5 Gal wet/dry vac
160.Maxx Air Pro commercial floor fan
161.Clyde aircraft tow bar Model 15F2515, S/N 72699
162.Small refrigerator or freezer
163.Large red tool cabinet

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