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73 mini/73.JPGBrand New TACHYON XC Micro Helmet Cam - Gun Cam! Picatinny Rail Compatible! Mounts easily to any surface like automobile dash, helmet or gun rail! Tachyon XC Micro is the industry's smallest helmet camera with features like water-proofing without an external case, a patented shockproof design, wide field of vision, and superior light-gathering ability. The XC Micro's condensed size combined with its easy to use nature makes it the ideal helmet camera for the adventure enthusiast. Designed for filming action in extreme conditions, the XC Micro comes with a universal mounting system that can connect the camera to goggles, helmets, sporting equipment, dashboards and more to accommodate the many diverse situations users run into. The sheer size, simplicity and extreme ruggedness of the XC Micro will allow users to forget the camera and focus on their sport. Retail price $199.99.

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