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197 mini/197.JPGBRAND NEW (Factory Sealed) Cobra SPX 5300 Radar detector! Cobra's SPX 5300 radar detector provides that extra feeling of comfort when you're on the road. This compact travel companion tracks multiple safety, laser, and radar bands, and its UltraBright Data Display™ gives you an instant understanding of nearby threats. You can drive with confidence knowing you've got 360-degree laser coverage and alerts for POP instant-on radar. The SPX 5300 also provides complete immunity to Spectre I and VG-2 radar detector detection devices, giving you a heads-up when they're in proximity. Its rugged chassis protects super-fast circuitry that alerts you to upcoming problems well in advance. You can follow the 5-level digital strength signal meter to learn how close you are to the signal's source. You can choose between city and highway modes to keep false alerts to a minimum, or turn on the dim mode to give your eyes a break when driving at night. Want to keep things quiet? The IntelliMute feature reduces false alerts based on your relative speed, and keeps your detector free from detection. Retail price $199.98.

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