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82 mini/82.JPGSunny Health and Fitness ASUNA 4300 Elliptical Trainer. Combine premium commercial quality and the comfort and privacy of your home with the ASUNA 4300 Elliptical Trainer! Made of commercial grade steel, this elliptical is fit for use in any gym or fitness studio but has been made available for fitness enthusiasts' personal use. With it's transportation wheels, the ASUNA 4300 can be easily moved between workouts, making the transformation of your living space into a fitness studio a breeze! Featuring a LCD monitor that displays your time, speed, distance, calories burned, watts, and pulse, this machine is fully equipped with the latest in exercise technology. Any user's fitness level is accounted for with ASUNA 4300's 5 different programmable modes and electronic tension control, making this elliptical ideal for all at-home workouts. It's large anti-slip foot plates and display functions that track both pulse recovery and BMI keep your safety and health at the forefront of your low impact aerobic regimen! We did not remove and assemble. Appears complete but looks like someone started to assemble but never completed. (customer return) Has most of the hardware still sealed and appears the few opened are in a plastic bag. If your concerned please inspect prior to bidding. (Has customer invoice on box, $849.00 w/shipping) Retails for $799.99

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