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81 mini/81.JPGGeorge Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill. George Foreman Super All?Around indoor/outdoor electric barbecue grillhas 200 sq. inches of cooking surface!When the weather’s too bad for outside barbecuing, you can easily convert this grill for indoor use. 200 sq. inches of cooking surface. Can be used on its pedestal stand outside or taken off and used as a tabletop grill for indoor cooking. Perfect for apartments and condominiums. Ideal for locations where charcoal and propane outdoor grilling is not permitted. High dome lid creates circulating hot air to ensure even all-around cooking. Use it to grill, bake roast and more. Center channel in nonstick grilling surface drains fat away from the food into large grease tray. Adjustable temperature control. Cool-touch handles on side of grill. Immersible grill plate for easy cleaning with electric probe removed. 1800 watts of power. 19-3/4"L x 18-3/4"W x 38"H. Came to use with damage to 1 side handle. See Picture. Tested for power. Appears NEW. Retails for $99.99

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