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80 mini/80.JPGGladiator Premier Series Pre-Assembled 30 in. H x 30 in. W x 12 in. D Steel 2-Door Garage Wall Cabinet in Silver Tread. The Gladiator Premier 30 in. Garage Wall Cabinet offers versatility for your changing storage needs. When secured to the GearWall panels or GearTrack channels with the included hanger bracket, this storage cabinet is easy to install and reposition. If GearWall panels or GearTrack channels are not used, you can securely fasten the Wall GearBox to wall studs. Plus, this cabinet holds up to 50 lbs. per shelf, 200 lbs. total. GearWall panels and GearTrack channels sold separately. Welded steel, double-side wall construction allows for exceptional structure and ideal support for storage needs. Two adjustable shelves for storage versatility. Extremely durable magnetic catch powerfully holds the cabinet door when closed. Recessed handles are easy to use. Built-in lock offers additional security, keeping kids and pets away from harmful and unsafe products, all Gladiator products can be secured with the same key. NEW in factory packed box. Retails for $219.99

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