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Tri-B Auctions #28 - 01-24-2018 7:00pm

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77 mini/77.JPGMcLeland Design Venetian Jacquard Bedroom Collection. Queen. This one is not fully inspected, but appears to be in New Condition and the bag that it comes in looks to be Full and Complete! Please inspect if concerned. Make over your entire bedroom with one complete set. 17-pc. set includes everything for your bed plus draperies and decorative accent pillows. The tonal damask jacquard pattern gives an elegant and classic look to your room. Add extra draperies and valances (sold separately) for more windows (one drapery set and valance included in 17-pc set). 4-pack of jumbo allergy pillows also available (sold separately). Queen Retails for $159.99

4 17990 14.00 15.00
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