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Tri-B Auctions #14 - 8-6-2017 7:00pm

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42 mini/42.JPGThis Red/Chrome 17.5 oz Zevro Original Indispensable Double Cereal Dispenser will captivate customers at your hotel breakfast bar, market or coffee shop. It features two canisters that are ideal for serving and merchandising a variety of products such as cereal, granola, candy, trail mix, coffee beans or pasta. The dispenser also helps reduce waste and save money by controlling portion sizes. Each twist of the taps releases one-ounce of measured product and is specially designed to keep your dry foods fresh for up to 45 days. This dry cereal dispenser features shatterproof construction and keeps food sanitary and germ-free. It helps to make busy mornings more efficient in a busy kitchen and easily assembles in only minutes. This Zevro Original Indispensible Double Cereal Dispenser is simple to clean as it comes apart easily with fully removable trays. (Relisted Item)

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