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Tri-B Auctions #14 - 8-6-2017 7:00pm

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4 mini/4.JPGClosetMaid Selectives 20 in. x 41.5 in. x 29 in. 3-Shelf White Stackable Corner Organizer. The ClosetMaid Selectives 3-Shelf White Stackable Corner Organizer features 1 fixed shelf and 2 fully adjustable shelves for versatile storage options. Designed to work seamlessly with other Selectives accessories, this shelf unit makes excellent use of corners and can be assembled for both left and right-hand corners and can be freestanding or wall mounted. Featuring sturdy laminate construction with a white finish, this shelf is perfect for a wide range of items and makes efficient use of space while making your area neat and tidy. Stack 2 for even more efficient use of corner space. Easy to assemble and install with freestanding and wall-mounted options. NEW in box. Retails for $77.98

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