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125 mini/125.JPGWifi Smart Net Camera. Support for mobile video: Alarm capture images, two-way voice intercom, remote computer、Mobile phone and camera intercom, voice monitor, without having to spend the shell, without the domain name. Support PTZ control: Highest speed 70 degree/s, the level of 355 degrees, 120 degrees vertical and better monitoring of each blind spot. (1,000,000 pixels). Supports a variety of languages:IOS / Android: Chinese English French Korean Russian Spanish and other languages. Support rate setting: picture transmission rate can be set to 1-25 frames per second range. Support infrared night vision: 0.3 LUX low illumination 11 LED lights 10 meters infrared night vision. Support Motion detection: can send Email through sensitivity control and FTP upload the incident video and alarm. Support wireless:Wireless is needed in conjunction with a wireless router via wireless transmission, without pulling the network cable is convenient and do not affect the room beautiful (camera and wireless router open distance of about 50 meters) Centralized platform to watch: centralized monitoring software is a professional video surveillance software that supports video recording, support multi-channel simultaneous camera screen, can support up to 64 images at the same time to watch. Appears NEW in opened package.

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