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Tri-B Auctions #27 - 1-10-2017 7:00pm

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97 mini/97.JPGLot of 3. Organize-it. 65 Gal. Holiday Tree Storage Tote in Clear Base and Red Cover. This tote is perfect to store your artificial holiday tree so it's ready and in perfect condition for the next season. The clear base allows you to quickly see what's inside. The lid is secured by solid latches and the wheels make it easy to move. Accept most trees up to 7.5 ft. high in 4 sections or more. Built-in wheels underneath 1 side. Secure latching lock system keeps the lid in place when moving the tote. Super-sized tote perfect for large item storage. All 3 of these have damage/chipped spot. See picture. (Does NOT affect the use of these totes) Great for all kinds of items! Total Retail of $89.91

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