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79 mini/79.JPGSoundBeam Grill Light with Bluetooth Speaker. Get amped up for your next cookout. The SoundBeam Grill Light with Bluetooth Speaker is both a grill light and a speaker for your tunes. Position the SoundBeam using its attached clamp to shine an adjustable, bright beam of light on your grill top, giving you better visibility for even better grilling. The SoundBeam can also be connected to your phone via Bluetooth to play your favorite songs or you can listen to FM radio, songs stored on a micro SD card or anything connected to an AUX cable. The SoundBeam pairs with Apple and Android phones and will even allow you to accept or decline incoming calls when connected to your phone. Appears NEW in open box. I tested this and was blown away at how good it sounded through my phone, played music. Very impressed. Great idea for the season we are starting.

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