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Tri-B Auctions #58 - 3-17-2019 7:00pm

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57 mini/57.JPGBestway Fast Set 10' x 30" Round Pool! 10' diameter x 30"D 839-gallon capacity at 80% full. Accommodates up to 8 people. Includes filter pump with 330-gallon flow rate (280-gallon integrated pool system flow rate). 3-ply side walls contain polyester and heavy-duty polyvinyl chloride. Easy setup – place on level ground, inflate top ring and fill with water. Includes repair patch. Built-in flow-control drain valve attaches to your garden hose to drain water away from pool. This pool shows signs of use. Due to the size, we did not fully inspect. Summer is right around the corner, don't wait! Retail price $149.99.

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