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Tri-B Auctions #37 - 6-11-2018 7:00pm

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56 mini/56.JPG1000308492 – Lot of 5. Aspect Subway Matted 12 in. x 4 in. Brushed Champagne Metal Decorative Tile Backsplash (1 sq. ft.) Get the look of a high-end, designer kitchen at a fraction of the cost with matted Aspect. These easy to use, peel and stick matted Aspect sheets install easily while giving you the look of a custom backsplash. Available in stainless and champagne, matted Aspect is sold in packs of 3. Tiles are made with double-sided aluminum with polymer core to give you a custom look at a fraction of the cost. NEW. Each Retails for $13.74, Total Lot Retails for $68.70

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