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Tri-B Auctions #35 - 5-20-2018 7:00pm

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44 mini/44.JPGSperry Lan WireTracker Tone and Probe Wire Tracer. A must-have tester for audio/video installers and datacom technicians, the WireTracker Wire Tracer raises the standard for classic tone and probe products. The patented unit traces non-energized wire for correct identification while the unique design nestles the probe within the unit to keep components together during transportation or storage to avoid loss. Different terminations are also self-contained within the unit, making it a must-have for voice-data-video installations or remodels. The transmitter connects to un-energized cables, wires or fuses while the receiver probe traces the wire path. Audio and visual indicators quickly identify the signal strength to allow for precise wire identifications while the adjustable sensitivity dial ensures positive identification of a single wire when multiple wires are routed in close proximity. Unit features both audible (beeping) and visual (bright light) indication. Engineered to withstand a 10 ft. drop and 250 lbs. crush rated. Identifies coax, CAT 5, speaker, phone or any non-energized wire. Adapter plugs included: RJ-45, RJ-11, coax, automotive fuse blade and insulated clamps. Appears NEW in opened package. Tested for power.

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