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39 mini/39.JPGCadet 36" F Series Electric Baseboard Heater, 750 Watt, 120V (Almond) Cadet's most popular choice for bedrooms, the Cadet Electric Baseboard heater provides low-cost installation, quiet operation, and a practical design for easy placement throughout many rooms in your home. You'll enjoy consistent and reliable heat where you need it most. Not a plug-in model. Heater can be safely hardwired for 750 watts at 120 volts, and can sit directly on floor or carpet. Convection heating helps circulate air to heat a space up to 100 square feet. Quiet operation (no pinging) ideal for bedroom use Powder coated paint finish provides a smooth finish resistant to corrosion, scratches, fading, and wear. Safety feature turns heater off if normal operating temperatures are exceeded. Pre-punched case at 1 in. intervals offers easy installation. Universal wiring allows you to install at either side of baseboard and connect to industry standard supply wires. Place under a window for best results as the cool air falling from the window area is warmed by the heat rising from the baseboard, causing the air to gently tumble throughout your room. NEW in sealed factory packed box.

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