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Tri-B Auctions #35 - 5-20-2018 7:00pm

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34 mini/34.JPGBlack+Decker 500-Watt Power Inverter. This BLACK+DECKER PI500P power inverter packs a punch with more usable power than other like units, featuring 2-Volt - 120-Volt outlets and a 2 Amp high output USB. On board communication icons show ideal application weather using through your vehicle's 12-Volt accessory outlet or connecting directly to the battery for the full 500-Watt. The PI500P has a patented design which features pivoting plugs that allow you to plug in larger charging cubes at the same time. This inverter is ideal for household power on the go, anytime anywhere that you travel. Appears NEW in opened original package. Tested for power.

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