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Tri-B Auctions #27 - 1-10-2017 7:00pm

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30 mini/30.JPGDefiant LED 30 Lumen Puck Lights with Remote Control (8-Pack) The LED 30Lumen Puck light are the perfect solution to easily light and change the mode of any room. Switch lights on and off, change colors includes red, green, blue and white, adjust brightness or set a timer with the remote control. Timer Settings,10, 30, 60 or 120 minutes. The lights are battery operated so there is no need for wiring, simply load the batteries. Mounting tape to the back of each light and you can mount anywhere. Picture does not have the remote but it DOES INCLUDE the remote. Appears NEW in opened package. Includes 8 Lights, 23 Batteries and the remote.

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