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28 mini/28.JPGSunbeam Portable Heater Fan with ALCI Cord for Wet Area Protection. Sunbeam Portable Heater Fan with ALCI Cord for Wet Area Protection, SFH442-WM1 efficiently delivers cozy warmth where needed in nearly any room of the home or office. It is even safe to use in a bathroom. This Sunbeam heater is equipped with an ALCI plug, which has a ground-fault interrupter built inside for preventing electric shock. A wide exterior grill on the front helps maximize the output of heat. The design of its slim silhouette takes up very little room and enables it to fit into tight areas, especially where space is limited such as a bathroom. Conveniently place it underneath or next to a desk in the workplace. This portable bathroom heater with bathroom-safe plug can also be mounted to a wall. Its thermostat features technology that allows adjustments with a single touch. The range of temperature settings offer several comfort levels of heat at your fingertips. Appears NEW in opened box. Tested for power.

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