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116 mini/116.JPGwhynter Elite D-Series Energy Star 70-Pint Portable Dehumidifier with Pump. The stylish and powerful Whynter Elite D-Series Energy Star RPD-711DWP portable dehumidifier is a high capacity unit with an impressive capability of removing up to 70 pints of moisture from the air per day. Featuring an internal condensate pump, this unit is specifically designed for high volume usage without having to worry about interrupted operation. Drainage options: This portable dehumidifier can be continuously operated with 3 drainage options; manual drain, gravity drain, and condensate pump drain. The Whynter Elite D-Series Energy Star RPD-711DWP portable dehumidifier includes a 13-pint bucket that can be removed and emptied. The condensate pump can pump out (and up) condensation water through the included 16.5 ft. drain for continuous water removal with approximately 15 ft. of vertical lift. A bonus drain hose attachment is included with the unit for your immediate convenience. Low temperature operation: This portable dehumidifier has an auto defrost function to ensure moisture does not freeze and prevent further moisture extraction when utilized in a low-temperature area. Comfort mode: Using this convenient feature, the RPD-711DWP can automatically control the room humidity within an optimal comfort range of between 45% 55% based on the current room temperature. Appears NEW in original package. Tested and worked as expected. Retails for $292.98

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