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139 mini/139.JPGNew Amped Wireless - Apollo Indoor 720p Wi-Fi Camera in White! The first camera that allows you to see every corner of your home, office, and property - when you're away. With long range capabilities, the APOLLO can connect to your Wi-Fi in areas where other cameras simply can't reach. Giving you a reliable, 24/7, HD look at the things that matter most. From the palm of your hand, from wherever you are. Long range technology penetrate walls and floors, enabling the APOLLO to connect to your Wi-Fi from up to 3X further away than standard cameras. If your Wi-Fi signal is weak out back, in the foyer, or the garage - the other guys simply can't do the job there. High Power amplifiers and a high gain antenna work together to maintain a solid connection between the Camera and your Wi-Fi at all distances. Providing the industry's most stable and reliable video feeds - whether the camera is near or far. The stronger Wi-Fi connection delivers consistent and superior video quality. Retail price $109.99.

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