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115 mini/115.JPGNEW HEAVY DUTY Magnet Sweeper Push-Type with Release, 14" Sweeping Width! The Master Magnetics 14-inch Magnet Sweeper is a push-style sweeper for picking up nails, screws, metal shavings, and other small ferrous metal objects. It’s a convenient and powerful alternative to brooms, dustpans, and vacuums. When it comes to picking up metal debris around the shop, yard, or garage, the Magnetic Sweeper is your best option. The 14-inch magnet has a strong pull of approximately 233 pounds. According to our nail pick-up test, the magnet collects up to 3 pounds of 8-penny nails (about 300 pieces). This means you can clean up large areas in one go without needing to clear the magnet of debris. To release metal debris from the magnet cleaner, simply pull up on the handle. The wheels on either side of the magnet are 6” inches in diameter with steel rims, ball bearings, and rubber treads for maximum maneuverability. The sturdy handle measures 48 inches long and features a comfortable grip so you can push it like a push broom. The frame measures 1.75 inches high by 5 inches deep (not including the wheels). This is the perfect size for sweeping under furniture and machinery around the shop. Permanent magnetism is guaranteed. This is a must-have tool for homeowners, mechanics, and roofing contractors. Retail price $113.98.

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