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Sota Surplus #3 - 4-06-2018 7:00 pm

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98 mini/98.JPG1:14 Scale Corvette RC Car (new works great) A breakthrough in Full Function Licensed Radio Control. Giant Scale XRAY Chevrolet Corvette. Our X-Ray Racers boast numerous innovative features. They start with a SEE THROUGH crystal clear body unlike anything in the marketplace. See the engine block detail and inside systems from exhaust to ignition, right down to the interior support bars displayed in vivid color. This extensive design effort allows us to introduce the first Radio Control featuring all this and Authentic Sound! Actually “HEAR” the security system engage. Push a button and the interior lights up. A big WOW as it tears down the road. But that's just the beginning. Each XRAY boasts a host of other features including visible hood with detailed engine block, detailed interior, detailed rear trunk/exhaust, headlights, taillights, working turn signals, authentic sound, and amazing Try Me. Includes rubber friction tires, kicked up wheels, and more!

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