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53 mini/53.JPGQi Wireless Charger Charging Pad For iPhone- Samsung Android- CD618- iphone 8- iphoneX- Brand new- Function parameters: the input voltage: DC4.3 V -5.5 V / 1.5- 2 a, is beyond the scope of voltage alarm and stop charging, the output voltage: 5 V + / - 0.1 V, charging current: 500 mah - 500 mah, rechargeable power: the biggest can reach 5 w-. conversion efficiency: more than 73% . transmission distance, maximum 10 mm, recommend the transceiver spacing 2 mm to 4 mm. standby power consumption: the average power consumption is less than 50 mw , over temperature protection: when charging temperature above 60 degrees automatically stop charging for 1 minute, such as the temperature drop down before recharging the batteries. over current protection: when charging output current is greater than 1.5 A is automatically stop charging, to prevent damage to the charger. executive standard: Qi wireless charging standards. product certification: CE/ROSH, compatible with QI certification standards. product specification: 69 -10. Whether to support foreign body detection: support. Light function: charging green light, red light, on the standby fault double flash -Compatibility: SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 -Function: wireless charger -Diameter: 69 mm height: 10 mm -Weight: 50 g -The power supply -The input voltage: 5 v -Output

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