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Sota Surplus #1 - 10-06-2017 7:00 pm

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145 mini/145.JPGSig Sauer P226 X five co2 powered pistol- sweet looks brand new and smells new. I did NOT try a co2 cartrige in here, but it look sbrand new. If you have issues I will give you a refund. An incredibly realistic airgun that's a great all-day plinker and suitable for maintaining firearm proficiency. The slide moves and the gun feels and handles like the P226 firearm. You just can't go wrong with this pistol!SIG Sauer P226 X-Five Open pistol -CO2 (12-gram cartridge) -Semiauto -18-rd BB magazine -Double-/single-action -Blowback -Fixed sights -Metal construction -Weaver accessory rail under the barrel

18 21980 35.00  

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