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Sota Surplus #3 - 4-06-2018 7:00 pm

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134 mini/134.JPGWhirlpool 3.1cu. ft. Mini Refrigerator Stainless Steel (Brand new with very, very minor scuffs on the top- see pic) Keep your daily essentials properly chilled with this Whirlpool 3.1cu ft Mini Refrigerator WITH FREEZER! The door of this apartment or dorm room-sized fridge has a cubby for your soda cans and a space for two-liter bottles or milk. A drawer gives you a great place for your fruits and veggies while the shelving is just the right size for your other necessities. Don't forget about keeping some treats in the freezer for late-night snacks or study sessions. Dimensions (Overall): 32.8 inches (H) x 19.13 inches (W) x 21.1 inches (D) Retails for $199.99

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