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Sota Surplus #1 - 10-06-2017 7:00 pm

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13 mini/13.JPGWest Bend air crazy 4-quart hot air popcorn-NEW - comment off internet "The popper did exactly what it said on the box and in the instructions. It takes 3 minutes to pop, and the popcorn tastes great after salt and butter is added. You don’t even need a measuring cup, it comes with one! All in all, a very well made product and only need a space of a big cup. It's very easy to use and super fast. My 11 year old now makes her daily popcorn herself. I guess she also enjoys watching the popcorn being popped. I used to buy Microwave popcorn. It costs more and is full of preservatives and other chemicals, sometimes you get burnt ones. This popper pops 99% of the kernels you put in. I was very surprised when we used it at the first time!"

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