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98 mini/98.JPGFluidmaster- PerforMAX Toilet Fill Valve and Seal Kit (New in packaging- Retails for $20 ) The Fluidmaster 400CARSP5 PerforMAX Toilet Fill Valve and Seal Kit offers a quick and effective solution to both toilet fill and toilet flush problems. The included PerforMAX toilet fill valve is the most high performance toilet fill valve on market and offers ultra-quiet, yet powerful fill rates. While the included seal replacements offer a fast fix for leaky canister style specialty flush valves. Designed to fit more models, the PerforMAX fill valve is best used in 1.6 GPF or less models and easily adjusts in height between 10 in. and 15 in. to fit different tanks. The included seal kit is color coded for ease of use to securely seal your flush valve with every flush. Yellow fits Kohler AquaPiston and American Standard Champion 3, Blue fits American Standard Champion 4, Red fits Mansfield and Clear fits Glacier Bay Dual Flush. This kit also features a water-saving roller clamp, simple adjust bowl levels to your needs and save water. Built to last with a long lifespan and durable 7 year warranty. For the best solution for quiet and powerful fill, while stopping specialty valve leaks, the Fluidmaster PerforMAX Toilet Fill Valve and Seal Kit is the top choice.

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