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Sota Surplus #4 - 05-04-2018 7:00pm

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4 mini/4.JPGKOBOT Slim Series Robot Vacuum With Scheduling - (Like new condition and does work- looks like it had bumped the wall as there are a few very tiny scuff marks- see pic- other than that it looks new and works good) The Kobot RV351 has all the features to make your life easier. When the battery is running low, it will start its journey back to the home base and auto charge the battery. No need to worry if cleaning near stairs; this machine is equipped with fall prevention sensors. No need to worry about cleaning near furniture, this machine has touch sensitive bumpers that won't harm your furniture or wall baseboards. No need to worry about room coverage, this machine has factory, preprogrammed intelligent movement patterns for maximum room coverage. Kobot RV351 has a feature called Double Clean, with the press of the button the Kobot will clean the space and return to the charge station to recharge. Once charged the Kobot will venture back out to clean the space again. Kobot RV351 also has the Scheduling feature, which allows you choose when you would like the Kobot to clean the space by setting the time on the recharge base. These feature allows for the space to be cleaned twice automatically saving you time and energy! Dimensions (Overall): 2.8 inches (H) x 11.61 inches (W) x 11.61 inches (D) Retails for $173.99

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