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138 mini/138.JPGBravo Sports 10' x 10' Commercial Canopy.Retails for $229.99- 10' x 10' canopy provides 100 sq. feet of shade -Accommodates 8-12 people -300-denier fabric top with Aluminex 99% UV protection and Velcro corner attachment -Rigid frame with12 x 23mm overlapping eave construction -Straight legs with 3 height adjustments- 30mm legs with nylon feet -Polyethylene wall for additional shade/privacy. There is one arm that is broken but I don't think it's critical and could be repaired and/or quite still usable . It looks like this was maybe used one time and I returned it still has a lot of the stuff on there that leads me to believe it's Brando but it was used at least once

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