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64 mini/64.JPGHUGE 7' TWO+ PALLET LOT OF REPAIRABLE ITEMS! If it is on one of these pallets, it should be assumed that it did not meet our standards to be sold as working. TONS of great value on these pallets for someone who can take the time to sort through, make minor repairs and-or part out online! These pallets included categories from HDTVs-Monitors Furniture, Electronics, Home Goods, Home Improvement, Sporting Goods, Toys, Tools and SO MUCH MORE!! These pallets are quite dense and PACKED FULL of great stuff to repair for PROFIT! We have a loading dock at our facility so to load out a dock truck is ideal, but we are able to lower our dock plate into a pick up bed to hand load these pallets into the back of a truck. Considering how many items are on these pallets--please plan your load out accordingly with a large enough truck or trailer. AMAZING REPAIRABLE PALLETS THIS WEEK! Many goods just need minor repairs or small parts sourced to be considered NEW! The pictures only show what is on the surface of these pallets. Please feel free to come dig through them and inspect for yourself--you WILL NOT be disappointed! This set of two pallets have a retail value that exceeds $3400.00!!

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