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27 mini/27.JPG2 Piece Lot of Brand New As Seen On TV Window Wonderland Projector Systems! These came in on a bulk overstock load of holiday goods. Buy now and Save Big in the off-season! When the time comes next year to string those lights up, you'll have the easiest solution on the block to light up your house already sitting on the shelf! Window Wonderland is the amazing new projector system that creates dazzling, fun and festive movies inside any window frame. It takes all the hard work out of your holiday decorating. And your home will stand out among the rest! Just place Window Wonderland near any window, add the adjustable easy-fit screen, select your movie and start the show! Window Wonderland is powerful, with 1600 Lumens and high-end optic lenses. It creates one of a kind displays. Every kids' face will light up as the holiday movies bring your windows to life! Any shape or size window will look spectacular! Now from the comfort of inside your home, you can project a magical motion picture outside for everyone to enjoy. Retail price on this pair is $143.98!

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